Office of Technology Enablement

The Office of Technology Support (OTS) has been providing efficient support services to the UMT community. The OTS comprises of Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Network Management and Support Section (NMS). The Office Technology Support (OTS) was set up in 1995 as Department of Management Information System (MIS) to deal with the growing IT related needs of the UMT community.

It provides technical support both to the academic community and the management of the University, making IT easier for them to carry out their tasks and duties. Its main priority is to meet all kinds of IT challenges through well thought out policies. And it is doing just that on account of a team of dedicated professionals who are always at hand to solve IT related problems and work towards expansion and betterment of the campus wide network.

Download brief overview towards CCNA slides here

Internet Services

Internet browsing and downloading including all educational attachments are provided by Office of Technology Support

Network Services

Wireless networking is available to all UMT faculty/staff/participants and to visitors from different organizations that participate in the events, seminars, meeting, conferences etc

Hardware Services

A computer system/laptop, a DVD/VCD player, external Speakers, USB ports (for Flash Drive devices) etc. All are setup in a way so that it can be plug and played

Operating System

NMS performs OS repair on your OS query when system is not booting properly, not showing login screen or restarting again and again

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