Office of Technology Enablement

Accounts And Passwords

Your UMT User Account (UMT Domain & Email account) is your online identity at UMT. Once you set up your UMT account, you will be able to access your UMT email, educational technology resources (Databank), UMT Network Drive, Information Processing Center, printing services and much more. Your accounts and passwords are administered and managed from Network Operation Center (NOC) at OTE.

Account Registration

You will need to register for a username before you can use the University Computing Systems.

For Faculty/Staff

New full-time, part-time and honorary staff will automatically be provided with a username (login name) and password mentioned in E-Slip provided by OTE office for access to the UMT computing facilities.

For New Students

New students, undergraduate and postgraduate, will be automatically provided with a username (login name) which will allow them to access to the UMT computing facilities. All accounts are pre activated and provided by IPC (Information Processing Center-Computer Lab Staff) on the occasion of their orientation.

Available To

Students, Faculty and Staff


Registering for a UMT account establishes your identity in UMT's system and provides you with access to a vast technology services and resources on campus.


Once you access the IT services in campus, you will be asked to enter your UMT ID and required password. This is to confirm that you are who you say you are. When these systems ask for your username and password, they're really asking for your centrally-maintained UMT username and password.


University ID

Guest Access

The guest access system at UMT is intended to provide a simple way to allow temporary visitors to access IT facilities at university. Guest accounts can be used to access the UMT Wireless service and use computers on the UMT network. The accounts are designed to be temporary in nature, to be used by guests visiting UMT for short periods of time. The accounts do not have home directories or email accounts associated with them.

Password Protection Note:

Never let anyone else know your password – including friends or other systems that could use your UMT identity. You can be held responsible for anything done in your username. Sometimes it may seem that you need to let someone else know your password (to share a file, for instance), but there are always workarounds. Don't give away the key to your account. Change your password frequently – every semester at least, and any time you think someone else may have learned it. Read More