Office of Technology Enablement

Computing Tips

Best of Seven

  1. Use strong passwords with characters and do not share them
  2. Use anti-virus and update it regularly
  3. Uncheck "Remember me" option and "Logout" when finished
  4. Erase your tracks (auto fills, passwords) from a public computer
  5. Secure your device, downplay it in public places
  6. Backup your files
  7. Keep your eyes open; be aware of your surroundings. "Shoulder Surfers" are always looking for opportunities

Secure Web-Net Tips

This section covers the security around the web. Password protection includes a good practice of setting a strong password. Moreover, Identity Theft is discussed along with its protection solution. Read More

Secure Data Tips

Information stored in your device is a much sensitive part of your Data. How that can be secured? What steps must be taken for backing up the data? Read More  

Secure your Device

If a device is lost, then there is no hope left in reviving the information that was stored in the "stolen" device. Some measures are to be taken to protect device. Read More