Office of Technology Enablement

CMS General Policies

Each office/school/institute will nominate a web coordinator who will be trained in using the university wide Content Management System (CMS). The web coordinator will be responsible for updating content on the website using the CMS. He/she will follow these guidelines: 

  1. You are personally responsible for the content that you post on the web pages managed by you. So act responsibly.
  2. Duplication of a post must be avoided. Make sure that you are equipped with the full details before making the post. This is the only way to ensure that online visitors take you seriously. Users are advised not to make the same post on multiple pages. Once a post appears on a page, it should not be copied and reposted through another user.
  3. Web coordinators are only allowed to post approved content on the web pages managed by them
  4. Each website will have University mailing address, phone number and email address.
  5. Links to documents should be designated as such and should open new windows. Links to websites outside the University should open new windows.
  6. Photographs posted using UMT CMS should be relevant to the content. Individual projection is prohibited.
  7. No third party advertisements/content/video streaming is allowed to be posted on UMT website unless prior approval is taken from competent authority for the same
  8. Strict compliance to ethical practices while posting content (images, content, video, etc.) is expected from all authorized web coordinators.
  9. Any web coordinator/authorized web user found violating any of these policies is liable to have his/her admin rights revoked. Disciplinary action may be taken by competent authority if the situations demands.