Office of Technology Enablement

Hardware Services

Computer Repair

OTE repairs the following brands of hardware at UMT campus:

  • DELL
  • IBM
  • ACER
  • HP
  • SUN Microsystems
  • Lenovo
  • Apple Computers
  • ASUS
  • Raffles

Our support team at NMS (Network Management Services) provides you support in:


• Diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair for University owned computers
• Provides hardware service upgrades
• Peripheral devices
• LCD/Monitors
• Software installation
• Disaster recovery and assessment
• Network troubleshooting
• Virus, spyware and adware scanning and removal


• Diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair for University owned laptops/notebooks
• Provides hardware service upgrades
• Disaster recovery and assessment
• Diagnosis, troubleshooting personal laptops/notebooks (Faculty/staff only)
• Software installation
• Network troubleshooting
• Virus, spyware and adware scanning and removal

Hardware support can be called from here.

Smart Carts:

A computer system/laptop, a DVD/VCD player, external speakers, USB ports (for flash drive devices) etc. All are setup in a way so that it can be plug and played.
These carts are easy to move around the classes. Moreover it has a large variety to add more equipment to enhance the utilization of established smart classrooms.


OTE provides printing services for UMT community at office computing facilities. Students can take their printouts from respective Information Processing Centre. Printing equipments are networked and linked to your workstations. A weekly basis log is generated for all network printers. Each printer is designed to meet the needs of the community. It is located within and all have a singular mission to serve our customers. Our goal is to make your tasks easier and to provide a professional atmosphere in doing so.


OTE office support the IT needs of all Professional Services departments and ensures that student/faculty/staff computing resources on university premises are fit for purpose. This encompasses support for scanners also.

UPS/Power Backup:

In case of any emergency Power breakdown, Office of Technology Enablement (OTE) has a solution installed at your workstations and classes.


The medium of teaching includes DVD, VHS (Video Home System) recordings, power point presentations and much more. These are displayed through multimedia devices. This section also includes rest of the audio video devices.
OTE has installed Mounted Multimedia in each classroom. A portable multimedia cart is also available on special educational events.

For IT related support, feel free to Contact Us