Office of Technology Enablement

Network Services

Wi-Fi access

Wireless networking is available for UMT faculty/staff/participants and for visitors from different organizations, participating in events, seminars, meetings and conferences held at university. The UMT Wireless network is designed for ease of use and compatibility with the widest possible range of client devices, including Windows PCs, Apple Macs and handhelds. No special configuration is required. To connect, simply open a web browser and enter your UMT's username and password. Read ‘How To’

Telephone Support

OTE offers telephone service to all UMT community. OTE hosts PABX over 160 extensions supported telephonic exchange in its Data Center. It also supports two video consoles with two fully operated telephone operators at one time. OTE also supports about 100 direct nation/international wide telephone lines in different offices of UMT.

Network Sharing

While at Campus, you can:

  • Access a share folder
  • Share your own folder
  • Share your CD/DVD-ROM
  • Access a printer which is attached to a computer
  • Share your local printer
  • Access network printer

For more information read ‘How To’

Network Drive

OTE offers its users a separate network drive. Students/faculty/staff can place their important assignments/documents and can access them from outside the campus as well. An easy ‘How to’ guide has been designed for you.

Co-location Services

The OTE Data Center provides an environmentally secure location for housing servers and related equipment. The servers are provided rack space, power, cooling and network connectivity.

OTE will provide following co-location services:

  • A secure location with stable environmental for housing your server(s) and related equipment. Network connectivity via 100Mb/s to 1Gb/s switched connection.
  • Hardware standards: rack-mountable, dual power supply servers.
  • Hardware installation and de-installation. We will work with the equipment vendor to provide appropriate rack space, network connections, and electrical connections.
  • 24x7 on-call phone support including weekends, holidays, and special closings.

Advanced Network Services

We provide following network services to learners:

  • Live DNS services
  • Web services
  • Firewall
  • Database services
  • BlackBerry services
  • Proxy services
  • Map drive services
  • DHCP service using 3COM core switch