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Development of Functional Textile Via Microencapsulation Of Peppermint Oils: A Novel Approach In Textile Finishing

Zeeshan Tariq

Mosquitoes are a major concern to human health because they are carriers of diseases. Anopheles mosquito is the cause of one of the common diseases, such as malaria, through the plasmodium protozoan parasite. At the same time, Aedes aegypti is responsible for causing dengue and yellow fever in urban areas, the most common arboviral infection in humans. All over the world, about 120 million people have been affected by mosquito bites, and 4 million people have suffered from chronic manifestations. So, prevention of mosquito bites is the only way to avoid such diseases. In the past few years, different essential oils of aromatic crops have been described as good insect repellents due to their biodegradable and environmentally friendly nature. Essential oils are highly volatile and have been used worldwide in many applications and industries, such as antibacterial and mosquito-repellent textiles. The activity of essential oils becomes less due to the volatile nature of the active ingredient, oxidation of materials, UV light, and temperature sensitivity.