Office of Dean Research

PH.D. Key Information Flowchart

Appendices of Handbook for Advance Studies:

  1. Appendix A1 MS MPhil Supervisory Agreement Form
  2. Appendix A2 MS MPhil Research Progress Review Form
  3. Appendix A3 MS MPhil Thesis Evaluation Form
  4. Appendix B1 PhD Supervisory Agreement Form
  5. Appendix B2 PhD Progress Report Form (Semester Wise)
  6. Appendix B3 Application for an Extension to Final Thesis Submission
  7. Appendix B4 Progress Report of Time Barred Students and Request for Extension
  8. Appendix C1 PhD Thesis Requirements
  9. Appendix C2 List of Examiners for PhD Dissertation Evaluation
  10. Appendix C3 Supervisor Declaration form
  11. Appendix C4 Checklist for Thesis Submission to OCE
  12. Appendix C5 PhD Thesis Evaluation Form (for External Examiners)
  13. Appendix C6 PHD Thesis Summary of Changes Form 
  14. Appendix C7 Final Pre-defense Clearance form
  15. Appendix C8 Checklist for PhD Thesis Defense
  16. Appendix C9 PhD Thesis Defense Form (for Local Examiners)
  17. Appendix C10 Rubric for Evaluating PhD Thesis Defense

Ph.D. Synopsis/Thesis Format

  1. Format of Synopsis (MS/MPhil & Ph.D.)
  2. Thesis Organization Guidelines

UMT Criteria for Potential Doctoral Examiners

  1. Approved Criteria for The Doctoral Examiners
  2. Sample Format

HEC and UMT Policies

  1. Approval of Format of Sypnosis and Thesis of MSMPhil & PhD Programs
  2. Duration of Completion of PhD Synopsis
  3. HEC Course load per Semester
  4. Research Publication from PhD Research
  5. Sequence of Names of PhD Scholar in Published Papers
  6. Techonologically Advanced Countries List
  7. Violation of Rules in the Award of PhD Degrees
  8. Measures for Transforming UMT into a Research University