Office of Dean Research

About Us

The office of dean research enhances the research and development activities in all the schools, institutes and departments of UMT. This office works as a liaison with Deans, Directors of Institutes and Chairpersons of Departments to help out the PhD research program. It has a close interaction with ORIC to promote applied research, its applications in industry and commercialization.

This office is responsible in inviting outstanding national and international researchers for seminars and symposia to expose UMT faculty and students to emerging areas of research and development. It is handling all matters related to PhD degree program in order to provide outstanding results that further strengthens our performance, pre-eminence and efficiency. The office of research is able to achieve the ambitions of development plans, with continued efforts of improving research program that will serves the university.

Furthermore, it is developing and implementing ways and means to guarantee quality in all the activities of PhD research program to ensure an optimal use of resources with modern technology to create a place of higher learning in the fields of research. The office is ensured to promote research culture in higher education institutions of the country and to provide an excellent teaching and learning environment to students to reach a level that matches the atmosphere prevailing at best universities in the world.

It is providing administrative support for institutional effectiveness activities, especially regarding timely evaluation of PhD thesis defense at UMT. Looking at the admission’s requirementsand the overall progress of the PhD candidates in the PhD program. The office is proposing formulation of new policies and revision of existing policies for the enhancement of research publications by faculty and students of UMT.