Office of Dean Research

Psychosocial Reactions of Pakistani Students Towards COVID-19: A Prevalence Study

Ayesha Jabeen

The recent upsurge of fear, panic, and uncertainty caused by the rapid and dramatic spread of Coronavirus across all continents, countries, and communities has shaken our sense of safety and security. In current circumstances, students are reeling under the impact of pandemic which is a topic of attention worldwide. Particularly, in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan where lack of facilities and training of online education system has challenged the stakeholders academically and emotionally. The current study aimed at investigating the manifestation and prevalence of the commonly reported psychosocial reactions in the university students following the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. The results showed frequently reported reactions by university students during COVID-19 are restricted daily routine, preoccupation with cleanliness, feeling uncertain about future, feeling bored, low mood, and financial crisis.