UMT Hosts Pre-Launch Event of Gunjal Film on the Occasion of Childrens Day

Monday, November 20 2023

An event was held for the pre-launch of the film "Gunjal" on the topic of Child Labor on the occasion of Children's Day at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore.

The event was organized in collaboration with UMT, SSDO, Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, and Kate Walk.

The ceremony was attended by various dignitaries including Professor Dr Abid Shirwani, DG UMT, Dr. Anjum Zia, Dean School of Media and Communication Studies, renowned Pakistani artists such as Ahmad Ali Akbar, Resham, Kausar Abbas, Fashion artist Frieha Altaf, Sarah Ahmed, Chairperson of Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, along with representatives from the media and the cast of the film "Gunjal", including police department officials.


Addressing the gathering, Dr. Anjum welcomed all the guests at UMT and emphasized the issue of Child Labor and Trafficking, highlighting the need for collective efforts to address these critical issues. She pointed out that the film "Gunjal" has been made focusing on child labor, hoping that it would play a significant role in resolving such issues in our society.

Sarah Ahmed, Chairperson of Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, stated that the bureau's goal is to eradicate child labor and ensure the provision of education to children. Resham and Ahmad Ali Akbar, mentioned that the film not only sheds light on crucial issues like child labor but also incorporates action and thrill. The aim of this film is to address and find solutions for issues like child trafficking and child labor.


Other organizers including Syed Kausar, Frieha Altaf, and various dignitaries expressed their thoughts, stressing the necessity of collectively finding solutions to these issues. They advocated for a complete boycott of child labor and emphasized the need to ensure education for underprivileged children in schools.

At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Anjum Zia presented souvenirs to all the artists and guests.