Office of Communications and Media

Welcome to UMT 98.2 FM

Radio deeply influences the lives of the public at large. People of all age groups tend to listen to different segments on radio in order to learn, groom and grow as individuals. Education is an essential reality of every nation for which Radio plays a pivotal role by informing, educating and enlightening the audience. Radio takes education and entertainment hand-in-hand as it focuses on the pertinence of acquiring knowledge as well as staying up-to-date on music, latest news and talk shows.

Not only does UMT FM 98.2 air an array of insightful programs exclusively for the UMT Community, but also encompasses the needs of the general public and host programs accordingly. UMT’s radio station is a viable platform for the participants as it provides them with countless opportunities for building and boosting their confidence. It helps them enhance their communication skills through hands-on training sessions in audio production, anchoring, editing and script writing, along with a professional environment to work and succeed in. Education through Infotainment.