Remarkable Achievement of Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization

Tuesday, September 20 2022

The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is proud to share the remarkable achievement of Mr Muhammad Bilal Sher Khan Shirwani, who has started a startup by the name of Cross Wind Innovations (CWI) from the ORIC-UMT platform. Mr Muhammad Bilal Sher Khan Sherwani with his team members Mr Khawar Umar and Mr Atif under the supervision of Mr Tanveer Ul Haq manufactured a Car Rotisserie machine, used for denting, painting, abrasive blasting or soda blasting the body of a car.


Car Rotisserie is also used for working on the framework of a vehicle and can support a load of 2 tons. The body of a vehicle is loaded on it, which can then be rotated across the x, y and z axis with 360-degree rotation and perfect to get the job done fast and efficiently. The rotisserie can also be extended to accommodate longer vehicles.


Currently, Car Rotisserie is not manufactured in Pakistan. However, importing the Car Rotisserie into Pakistan will cost around 10 Lakh rupees for two-axis and 14 Lakh rupees for five-axis machines. 

Mr Muhammad Bilal Sher Khan Shirwani, manufactured a Car Rotisserie machine which will cost 3.5 Lakh rupees for a two-axis and 5 Lakh rupees for a five-axis machine. It is an excellent achievement to promote the local manufacturing industries of Pakistan. 

We hope this achievement will encourage other UMT students, researchers and faculty members to put their efforts into their beloved country with the same zeal and zest.