Governor of Punjab Awards Degrees at the Day 1 of the 21st Convocation

Friday, February 18 2022

University of Management and Technology (UMT) held its 21st Convocation 2022 at the UMT Greens on February 18 and 19. The convocation was attended by Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, President ILM/UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Vice-Chairman UMT/ILM Trust Farooq Salman Murad, Rector UMT Dr. Asif Raza, DG UMT Abid Sherwani, Registrar UMT Saleem Atta, Head Examination Yousaf Jameel along with other esteemed guests. Total 2311 graduates were given degrees in various disciplines on this occasion. According to the details 1458 Bachelors, 202 Masters, 634 MS/MPhil, and 17 PhD degrees were conferred.

Furthermore, 30 Patron Gold Medals, 32 Rector Silver Medals, 14 Rector Academic Excellence Award Gold Medals, 13 Certificates of Excellence, 10 Research Publication Awards for MS/MPhil students, 2 Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad Medal Awards (Gold) for PhD graduates along with cash prize of rupees 100,000 each, 2 Khurram Murad Medal Awards (Gold) along with cash prize of rupees 50,000 each for MBA graduates, 2 Mubarak un Nisa Medal Awards along with cash prize of rupees 50,000 each to BBA graduates, 2 Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Medal Awards along with cash prize of rupees 25,000 each to the graduates of Social Sciences, 1 Fast Excellence Award along with cash prize of rupees 100,000 to BSEE graduate, 2 Certificates of Appreciation, 19 Rector Awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 6 Extra-curricular Gold Medals, 11 Extra-curricular Certificates, and 2 Alumni Awards were also given away on the convocation.

The first day of the convocation started off with a special opening ceremony and the participants of Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM), Institute of Aviation Sciences (IAS), School of Commerce and Accountancy (SCA), School of Professional Advancement (SPA), School of Science (SSC), and School of Systems and Technology (SST) were awarded degrees.

Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza gave a welcome note where he offered his genuine appreciation to the presence of Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, and said that he is a source of inspiration for the graduating students, their parents, and the entire UMT family. Addressing the attendees of the convocation, he admired the graduates on the accomplishment of completing their respective degrees and proclaimed that their presence has added color and value to the ceremony.

Dr Asif Raza shared that UMT has accomplished different milestones throughout a specific timeframe. He also treasured the passion and commitment of the faculty and staff in assisting UMT to maintain its stature as a prominent premier general research university in the country. Rector UMT urged the participants to strive for higher goals in life and advised them to transform into superb professionals and credible human beings. 

Vice-Chairman UMT Farooq Salman Murad congratulated the graduates and advised them that as you start a new phase of your life you need to become responsible citizens of the society and leave a mark on human history with your ambitious behavior and aligned vision. He further stated that we should be grateful to Allah Almighty for our accomplishments, as we only get opportunities for success and growth when we are thankful. Farooq Murad advised the students to believe in themselves, make themselves a brand, and always have a growth mindset.

Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab congratulated the graduates for achieving this great milestone and making their parents and teachers proud. He highly praised Ibrahim Hasan Murad for his tremendous efforts, hard work, and dedication in making UMT reach the skyline of success and said that he is proud that UMT is functioning on the vision of Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed). Appreciating the parents, he said that mothers and fathers play a significant role in the grooming and success of children and children need to respect them to be fruitful in this life and the hereafter. He shared his personal experiences of how he overcame challenges and achieved his goals, one after another.

Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar said that it is vital to recognize that there will be failures in every journey and admit that there will be difficulties, but we always learn something from our mistakes. He also highlighted the importance of passion, commitment, and consistency while achieving goals. He shared that his motto in life is “nothing is impossible”.

At the end of the ceremony, President UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad presented a souvenir to Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar.