Disability should not be considered as a state of inability; Ibrahim Murad

Friday, December 03 2021

President, University of Management and Technology Ibrahim Hasan Murad on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities said that it is critically important to recognize the concerns of people with disabilities across the world. He said that to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) it is essential to include persons with disabilities in all fields of work as these people are the investment of our bright future.

Ibrahim Murad said that UMT is the first private sector university that has established a state-of-the-art “Disability Resource Center '' which is providing an all-inclusive learning environment for students with different types of disabilities at higher education level from BS to PhD. This center provides the essential facilities and assistive technology to differently-disable students to meet their special learning needs. A special walk was also carried at UMT for creating awareness about inclusion of disable individuals in educational institutes as well as organizations.

President UMT expressed that the total disabled population in the world is around one billion and they are the most neglected and excluded group of people. He urged all educational institutions, as well as organizations to work together to increase accessibility, equality, and to build a sustainable inclusive and a bright future for everyone. He also asked to make sure Persons with Disabilities must not be left behind and they should provide chances of participation in society.

Speaking further Mr. Murad said that disability should not be judged as a state of inability. He encouraged people with disabilities to be stronger and guided them to keep working hard with determination in every challenge of life. We need to do more to alleviate deprivation and to impact lives of persons with disabilities so that their skills, creativity are utilized for the betterment of the society, he added.