CENTIN/Futurizm Organizes Fintech Hackathon 22

Thursday, September 08 2022

CENTIN/Futurizm organized a university drive for "Fintech Hackathon 22" by National Incubation Center (NIC), Islamabad, on September 07, 2022, at 2:00 pm. The Bootcamp will take place from September 19 – 21, 2022.

National Incubation Center Islamabad in collaboration with Allied Bank Ltd planned the FinTech Hackathon. This is a chance for coders, UI/UX experts and problem-solvers with a passion for FinTech to win the prize money worth PKR 2 million. The goal of this three-day event is to find practical innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the Fintech Industry. The problem statements have been gathered directly from those who operate in the Fintech space and face these challenges regularly.

The top 10 teams will pitch at the Innovation Challenge which will be conducted on September 23, 2022, from which the top 6 teams will be selected for the Grand Finale. 

3 thematic areas within the Fintech Hackathon space have been identified:   

1) Innovations in Fintech Banking

a) Ease and Accessibility of Banking Solutions

b) Inter-banking Initiatives

c) Fintech Security

d) Customer Experience

2) Financial Inclusion and Literacy

a) Digital Financial Literacy and Inclusion

b) Saving and investments  

3) SME and Startup Banking

a) Banking for Businesses

b) Innovative Business Banking

c) Cash Management 


We encourage the students from the following disciplines to participate in this session:


• Finance and Accounting

• Business Management

• Software Engineering

This is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurial minds of UMT. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact at [email protected]