UMT Celebrated International Women's Day

Monday, March 08 2021

The Women Institute of Learning and Leadership (WILL) in collaboration with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) held a ceremony to celebrate the International Women's Day, under the esteemed patronage of Dr. Naushaba Hasan Murad, Founding Chairperson Women Institute of Learning and Leadership. The aim of the event was to celebrate womanhood in a befitting manner, along with paying homage to women who have made the country proud, both nationally and internationally.

More than 15 scholars, intellectuals, researchers and experts, including  Zeeshan Raja, CEO 101 Incredible Women of Pakistan, Nadia Jaffery, CEO Digital Taleem, Rukhsana Mehmood, Clinical Psychologist, Shaheen Mailk, CEO Shaheen Global Advisors, Ms. Farhat, Deaf Welfare Association, Saman, Director of Thermosle Industry, Farzana Ali, American Lycetuff and many other guest speakers participated in the ceremony.

A keynote session on “Balancing Work-life Balance - Focus on the Family,” was delivered by the speaker, Rukhsana Mehmood, Clinical Psychologist. The speaker discussed the importance of balancing both the work-life and personal life, emphasizing how these two lives lie on two different ends of the continuum and were not the same. She also discussed the importance of self-love and urged all the women attendees to respect themselves and be grateful to their creators for all the blessings in life.

Dr. Naushaba Hasan Murad, Founding Chairperson Women Institute of Learning and Leadership WILL welcomed all guest speakers. In her address, Dr Naushaba stated that women and young girls must accomplish their dreams in life with dedication and commitment. She also urged them to respect themselves and quoted examples of some of the most powerful Islamic women of all times that could be role models for them.

A panel discussion on “Muslim women and modernity: Their social problems and their solutions from Quranic point of view was arranged as well. The panelists discussed how parents must seek the permission of their daughters for marriage. They also urged women to understand their stature in Islam and get know-how of their rights, so they can stand tall against the patriarchal set-up that oppresses them.

Guest speakers agreed upon the point that we are having diverse cultures in our society, so we should bring women on one platform and provide them advanced quality education and opportunities because education is the best tool which can play a vital role in the development of society.


At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Naushaba Hassan presented Souvenirs to worthy guests.