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UMT Career Fair Draws Hundreds of Job Seekers

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The UMT Office of Career Services (OCS) organized a Career Fair (CF 2018) at UMT Campus in Lahore on December 05, 2018. Based on the theme of, ‘Your Career Our Passion,’ the career fair was attended by 100+ leading national and multinational companies. Apart from the employment opportunities, the event featured exotic food court and educational advancement advisory services along with many multiple scholarships.

Zeshan Afzal, Global CEO, Shahid Afridi Foundation, inaugurated the career fair and was warmly welcomed by Khalid Naqi, Director Career Service and other UMT Officials. He thanked UMT leadership for its warm hospitality and stated that such initiative encourages students to explore options as a job seeker and job creator and praised UMT for hosting such a mega fair, which is helping students find their dream jobs.

Khalid Naqi also highlighted the importance of UMT Career Fair and its role in helping students find the right career path. The guests took tour of the stalls and were pleased to see the excitement of students, who have come from different corners of the country. The members of UMT Diversity Club (OPA) participated in national anthem.


The CF’18 included series of introductory sessions, which included UMT Brand Walk and Logo Launching Ceremony of Innovation Capital Development Forum (ICDF)- A Think Tank for the promotion of career services by (OCS) in Pakistan. This session was marked by a cake cutting ceremony and also a panel discussion with the guests and students on developing passion partnership among talented students in collaboration with the Future World of Works. One of the important highlights of the event was a skit, which was presented by UMT students who exhibited great creative and dramatic skills on the occasion.

The closing ceremony was attended by numerous Guests of Honour, Amjad Farooq Alvi, Chairman and Founder, Brain Telecommunication Ltd. Munawar Abadullah, CEO and CTO, ImpTrax-USA, Shayan Zaeem, Co-Founder and CEO, Fizz Inc-USA. All of them commended UMT efforts for arranging CE’18, which is continuing its trend of providing lifetime opportunities to students in their quest for promoting entrepreneurial culture and academic sincerity on all fronts. 

The program concluded on vote of thanks by Zareen Khan, Project Lead CoreOps, followed by souvenir distribution ceremony and group photographs.  

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