Mega Book Reveal Ceremony of Ilm Amal Zindagi by Dr Hasan Murad-Shaheed

Thursday, June 30 2022

A mega book reveal ceremony was organized to launch “Ilm, Amal, Zindagi”, a book by Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed). President UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Dr Naushaba Hasan Murad, Director TKS/ILM Trust Ms Mariam Murad, Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza, vice-chancellors from Lahore-based universities, literary figures, businessmen, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, media persons, Deans and Directors, UMT faculty and staff attended the event.

Dr Anjum Zia, Dean SMCS, moderated the event and welcomed all the attendees at the book launch ceremony of “Ilm, Amal, Zindagi” - a book on the experiences of Dr Hasan and a gift to be followed by the youth. A documentary was played presenting the life of Dr Hasan Murad and explaining the remarks of people about him.


Dr Naushaba Hasan Murad greeted all the attendees and thanked them for their valuable time. She presented a few points from the book to let the audience know what is being told in it. She said that the aim of launching this book to the public is because it was Dr Hasan’s goal to flourish the people. She also explained that we can see the personality of Dr Hasan immersed in every chapter of the book. She said that she feels lucky she was accompanied by him in her life.

Dr Amjad Saqib, Founder Akhuwat Foundation, in his address said that taking the name of Dr Hasan is a great honor for me. He shared that Dr Hasan has left behind a legacy that will always keep him alive in the hearts and minds of people. His traits included good character and good communication and the list is never-ending. Dr Hasan saw a dream of an era that inculcates leadership, technology, management, and governance and Pakistan will become a flourished country one day. He concluded his speech by saying that if you want to change the world or society the first step is changing yourself.

Ameer ul Aziz, a friend of Dr Hasan Murad, expressed that “Ilm, Amal, Zindagi” is a collection of all the aspects of the life of a person. This book has words that change your life, refine your character and persuade you to do good deeds.

Salman Ghani stated that every life is a journey that ends on death. Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad is the name of thought and leadership. In his book, almost 15 to 20 topics are on leadership. He exclaimed that we are fallen into a leadership crisis because we differ in our words and actions. This book is actually addressed to the youth and gives a solution to all the present-day challenges. He said that it’s not a book but a message to leave a successful life.

Sohail Warraiach in his speech said that when I entered the hall, I got flashbacks of my time here when I met Khurram Murad, and the scenes of how a small institution called ILM transformed into UMT in such a short time period. He highlighted that people like Hasan Sohaib Murad are very few and we are lucky that he has left behind Ibrahim Murad, Mariam Murad and Dr Naushaba Hasan Murad, who are just as visionary and dynamic as he was.

Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami expressed that Dr Hasan’s name lives in our hearts. He advised making the book a part of the university curriculum and said that this book can help develop visionary learners. Amjad Islam Amjad said that he met a lot of people in life and has known Hasan Murad since he was a student and never saw his face without a smile. He concluded his talk with a heart-touching poem.

Ahmad Omer Murad, Chairman UMT, concluded the event by saying that our goal should be to become what Allah (SWT) wants us to become. This way our personality becomes a magnetic one that attracts people and positivity.