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Dr Ahmad Murad, Chairman ILM Trust Motivating Words on 18th UMT Convocation

Friday, January 03, 2020

Dr Ahmad Murad, Chairman ILM Trust, welcomed the honorable guests, graduates, their parents and straightforwardly addressed the graduates about the challenges they would be facing here onwards. He said that the times had changed drastically from what they used to be. With the advancement of technology and time, what they believed was impossible in their time had now become possible.


He addressed the student body specifically that they would now commence a new journey of life which would be their burden alone and the consequences whether good or bad would also be theirs to face. These words by Dr Ahmad Murad were said to boost the morale of the graduates and make them aware of the fact that they owned the future they would face. Therefore, he wanted them to be prepared to be able to cope with whatever comes their way in life after graduation and shape their future well.


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