Code of Conduct for Convocation 2022

Thursday, February 17 2022

Date: February 18 – 19, 2022

Venue: UMT Campus, C-II, Johar Town, Lahore

Convocation Rehearsal:

  • Convocation rehearsal will be held on February 17, 2022 at 3:30 PM.
  • The participation in convocation rehearsal is mandatory for all graduating participants and attendance will be marked accordingly.
  • Convocation ceremony will be held on Friday and Saturday February 18 and 19, 2022. The graduating participants are advised to report at UMT Greens according to the program mentioned in their invitation cards.
  • The graduating participants who remain absent on the day of rehearsal will not be allowed to take part in the formal convocation ceremony, regardless of their payment of the convocation registration fee.
  • The participants having formal dressing with their respective gowns will be allowed to take part in the convocation rehearsal session and on the day of convocation respectively.

Please note that the convocation rehearsal will be attended by the graduating participants whereas on the day of convocation each graduate can invite two parents.

Invitation Card for Guests:

On payment of convocation registration and after the issuance of convocation ID card, a graduating participant shall be entitled for the invitation card. Please keep this card with you to provide later on demand.

Dress Code:

Male and female students both should be in formal dresses with gown and attend the ceremony according to their assigned programs.


  • In preview of the security situation of the country, please extend full cooperation with the security personnel on duty and avoid arguing with them or acting against their advice. This is for everyone’s safety and security – including your and your loved ones’.
  • Cooperate with the members of Convocation Committee, Faculty and Staff, Event Ushers, and follow their directions during rehearsal as well as in the convocation ceremony to make it a memorable day.
  • Maintain discipline at all times during the rehearsal as well as the ceremony.
  • Cellphones are to be switched off on the day of convocation rehearsal and during the ceremony.
  • Photography during the proceedings of formal rehearsal and convocation day is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid littering, gossiping, and roaming around aimlessly.
  • Walk in line, follow the rhythm, and remain seated once inside the ceremony hall.
  • All graduating participants are expected to enter and exit the ceremony hall along with their Schools/Institutes as directed by the Staff and Event Ushers.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Briefcase, cameras, and other similar items are also not allowed in the university premises.

Do not leave the ceremony once you have stepped down of the stage. Only leave the ceremony on your turn, along with your school in accordance with the ceremony decorum. 

Convocation Reception Desk

On the convocation day, the “Reception Desks” will be established at the site of convocation. Please mark your attendance at the desk before proceeding for the venue.

The graduating participants and all other officials dressed up in their prescribed robes will assemble according to the given plan at the reception desk. They will be specially received and greeted by the university staff posted at the reception desk.

Note: Please keep yourself updated on the notifications related to convocation via UMT website.