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Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab Insightful Speech on UMT 18th Convocation

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab and Patron UMT welcomed and greeted the Chief Guest, His Exellency Abdul Rehman Bin Muhammad Al Mattar, Secretary General International Islamic Relief Organization, Muhammad Mian Soomro, Federal Minister for Privatization, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President UMT and ILM Trust, Chaudhary Muhammad Aslam, Rector UMT, and Dr Ahmad Umer Murad, Chairman ILM Trust. He also welcomed the graduates and their parents to this auspicious occasion. First and foremost, he paid tribute to the late Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad and recollected how kind and compassionate he was, who devoted his entire life for the welfare of underprivileged people. For this very reason he laid the foundation of such a phenomenal institution, widely known as UMT today.


He also addressed the fact that the standard of success is not dependent on the title you have or the money you own. If someone cannot benefit from your title or your riches than having it is pointless. Therefore, the best way to pay tribute to someone is to follow his footsteps and if UMT follows the footsteps of its founder, it is bound to reach broader horizons undoubtedly. He further paid tribute to the Murad family for being the torch bearers and carrying forth the vision of late Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad.


The Governor highlighted the friendly Pak-Arab relationship and how both the countries have supported and stood by each other through thick and thin. Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar felt immense pleasure on being a part of this significant occasion, the 18th UMT Convocation. He extended his heartiest gratitude to the honourable chief guest for gracing the event with his presence, congratulated the graduates, their parents, faculty and staff of UMT. He praised the hard work and combined effort of the students, parents and the University as well as the dedication of gold medalists and distinction holders

His advice to the students for claiming success was to work hard and always honour and respect their parents and teachers because they put in a massive effort and made numerous sacrifices for their education. He acknowledged the milestones graduates achieved today and claimed that the University had equipped its students well in order to face any challenges in life, no matter what path they choose.

He guided the graduates to do whatever they want, with utmost dedication and perfection. Last but not the least, he defined education as a means of nation building and how the socio-economic condition of the country was directly proportional to education. He ended his note with emphasis on believing that nothing is impossible in life. He hoped that the graduating students would carry the legacy of UMT forward in life. He instructed students to always feel pride in their own culture, believe in themselves and never let anything hinder them from securing higher grounds.

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