25th UMT Convocation Celebrates Achievements of 3799 Graduates

Thursday, November 16 2023

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) recently held its 25th Convocation on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

A total of 3799 graduates, representing diverse disciplines, were honored on this auspicious day. Among them were 3083 Bachelor, 133 Master, 553 MS/MPhil, and 30 PhD degree recipients. The ceremony was not only a recognition of academic success but also an acknowledgment of outstanding achievements, where numerous medals, awards, and accolades were bestowed upon exceptional students.

The convocation commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and the harmonious strains of the National Anthem. Dr. Sarwar Hussain eloquently paid tribute to the late 'Safeer e Ilm o Agahi', Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed), through a heart-touching poem.

In attendance were eminent personalities, including Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman, Governor of Punjab and Patron of UMT, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Provincial Minister for Livestock, Transport, Mines & Minerals, Usman Asif, CEO of Devsinc, and esteemed members of UMT's leadership including Chairman Dr. Ahmad Umar Murad and Rector Dr. Asif Raza.

Dr. Raza extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries, acknowledging their presence and expressing heartfelt congratulations to the graduates, their proud parents, and the dedicated UMT faculty. His address resonated with reflections on UMT's journey, emphasizing milestones achieved and lauding the visionary leadership of Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad. He highlighted UMT's ascent to becoming a leading private sector university, both nationally and globally, a testament to the relentless efforts of its leadership, faculty, and management.

Governor Baligh ur Rehman shared invaluable insights, emphasizing the keys to success—clear vision, strong character, moral values, continuous improvement, relentless learning, and patience. He stressed the significance of good character and advocated for tolerance and respect for all individuals, regardless of caste or designation.

In his inspiring speech, Usman Asif, CEO of Devsinc, underscored the paramount importance of Information Technology in today's world. He encouraged graduates to leverage their acquired skills to shape industries, disrupt norms, and contribute to Pakistan's progress. He emphasized the significance of mentorship, continuous learning, and the power of contemplation.

Dr. Ahmad Umar Murad congratulated the graduates, expressing confidence in their ability to shape Pakistan's future. He encouraged a purpose-driven life, lifelong learning, skill development, and urged graduates to lead extraordinary lives.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad expressed gratitude and presented souvenirs to mark the occasion, signifying the conclusion of an unforgettable and inspiring day.