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1st International Conference on Diversity and Social Inclusion: A Way Forward for Institutional Reforms

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Women Institute of Learning and Leadership (WILL) in collaboration with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) and the Association of Management Development Institution in Pakistan (AMDIP) organized the 1st International Conference on Diversity and Social Inclusion: A Way Forward for Institutional Reforms. The Conference is held at UMT, Lahore on January 27-28, 2020.

It’s a two day Conference. The main premise of the conference is to do focused research and find solutions for the challenges faced by all the civilizations across the globe on the diversity and inclusivity, discrimination on ethnicity and discernment faced by humans on socio-culture basis.

The first day of Conference was attended by Maryam Nur Murad, Chairperson WILL Pakistan, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President UMT/ILM, Dr Naushaba Hasan, Conference Chair, Dr Muhammad Aslam Rector UMT, a number of dignitaries, faculty members and students.


Maryam Nur Murad, Chairperson WILL Pakistan, highlighted the multiple issues faced by society in the domain of diversity and social inclusion and situations that raises the challenges for experts in social sciences to explore and devise solutions for sustainable developments.

The Notable Guest Speakers at the Conference shared their views on diversity and inclusivity.

Krisha Kumari talked about struggles and adversities she and her brother had to face to get primary education, as they belonged to lower-class family. It was a struggle for her family to make a living and she had to work with her parents to survive. Like many lower-class families she was married at an early age, but fortunately for her she was able to get formal education due to the never-ending support by her husband. She was quite lucky to get the constant support from her family and was able to get formal college degree. She has now opened a counseling center in Hyderabad and previously had work with many NGOs.


Kiran Khan shared her life experience and success story with the audience. She talked about her father undying support for her passion for swimming and the way he did not let the society intervene in her dreams. She talked how her father's and husband's unyielding support let her to be a powerful woman and an international sport star.

Tanzeela Khan shared the hardships she faced and how she overcome them. She worked hard and made a prominent name for herself internationally.

Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash, notable historian of Modern South Asia, talked about the name he used from Iqbal’s poem “Afkra e Taza”, which includes the new thoughts and ideas derived from educational institutes. He talked how doctors, teachers and professors have failed to do the real work due to their non-existence association with the society. He shared his views on developing Think Fest with parents and how important was this for the development of the nation. He further added that Pakistan is a country with untapped talents and creativity and how in the recent edition of Fest, a Noble Laureate was impressed by Pakistan and its hospitality.



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