Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization

Project NameScientist  NameSchool/DepartmentYear
Analysis of the host immune factors resulting in varied disease progression due to COVID-19 infection Dr. Sohail Afzal Department of Life Sciences 2021
A proof-of-concept blockchain development at SST for Fintech Dr. Yaser Danial Khan School of System and Technology 2021
Vegetative Green Roof Ms. Alveena Fatima School of Architecture and Planning 2021
Study to preserve and promote the unique rilli quilt work of Sindhi artisans in Pakistan Ms. Anum Rauf School of Design and Textiles 2021
Development of Walkthrough sanitizing gate Dr. Tahir Mushtaq School of System and Technology 2020
Green Roof Ms. Alvina Fatima School of Architecture and Planning 2019
Use of Ferrocement Concrete Technology for Construction of Affordable Housing Mr. Zahid Tauqeer Ahmad  School of Architecture and Planning 2019
Investigation of the effects of Cold Plasma technology in Agriculture Dr. Ayesha Mohyuddin Department of Chemistry 2019
Replacement of sucrose in Murabba (sweet fruit preserves) with natural sweetners without affecting textural properties Dr. Rao Sanaullah Khan School of Food and Agricultural Sciences 2019
Ethoxylation of fatty alcohol for non ionic surfactants Dr. Sohail Nadeem and Mr. Raheel Ahmad Department of Chemistry 2019