Office of Participant Affairs

Code of Conduct for Activities/Events

Office of Participants Affairs has established the code of conduct all kinds of events which has to be followed by all clubs and societies while organizing the event within or outside of campus premises. The purpose is to regulate the clubs/societies in order to keep them within the margins of UMT’s values and norms so as to avoid any misconduct or unethical activity that might lend disgrace to the organization. Strict action will be taken by respective authorities if any club/society was found involved in the violation of the code of conduct.


Clubs/Societies conducting events will be abide by the use of sophisticated language during the event. Any such communication that involves the use of abusive language, slang or vague words during the performance is strictly not allowed. Moreover, unethical and non professional communication is not allowed within the premises of university.

Demeanor of Executive Members

All the Executive Members of clubs/societies will behave in professional way. Any act of violence directed at any person or property is unendurable and serious action will be taken against any such incident.


UMT Prohibits clubs/societies from conducting any such events organized within or outside the university premises which involve rock and pop music performance. Only FOLK and CULTURAL INSTRUMENTAL music may be allowed after careful scrutiny from concerned authorities subject to the situation.

Event Promotion/Advertisement

All clubs/societies will strictly avoid the advertisement and promotion of any such material that involves the unethical content which may earn a dishonorable repute to the university. All promotional material for events will be approved by the concerned authorities before publicizing.


Any method adopted by clubs/societies for finance arrangement to conduct any event must be approved from the concerned authorities.

  • Ticket/pass selling for any event is not permissible without approval from the management.
  • Sponsorship budget will be collected through the approval of higher authorities in UMT’s account through established procedure either it be cash or cheque/demand draft.
  • Donation collection is not allowed without approval of higher authorities and will be collected in UMT’s account.
  • All the donation/sponsorship cheques will be received in the name of UMT. 

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