Office of The Controller of Examinations (OCE)

Evaluation of PhD Dissertation:

The Controller of Examinations shall get dissertation evaluated within six months after the date of submission/resubmission of dissertation to his office, any delay beyond six months shall be brought to the notice of the Rector and Ph.D Committee.

  1. No degree shall be awarded unless all examiners recommend the award of the degree. While recommending the award of degree, the examiners shall also report whether or not the dissertation is fit for publication both from the point of view of content and language.
  2. If both external examiners find that the dissertation is inadequate the candidate shall be declared failed.
  3. If one of the external examiners approves the dissertation and the other rejects, it shall be sent to a 3rd examiner, for evaluation. If the 3rd examiner disapproves the dissertation, the candidate shall be asked to do additional research work of maximum one year. In case of approval of the dissertation by the 3rd examiner, the case shall be processed further for the dissertation defense.
  4. If any of the examiners adjudges the dissertation inadequate and suggests major modification/revision of the dissertation, the candidate will be required to re-submit a revised version of the dissertation within one year. He will be required to pay 50% of the original dissertation fee for the examination.
  5. The same examiner who suggested modification in the dissertation, but did not recommend the award of degree, shall evaluate the revised version of the dissertation.
  6. If an examiner suggests modification/corrections and also recommends the award of Ph.D degree, the candidate will make changes within six months. The corrections / modifications / changes in the revised version will be verified by the Dean, CoD and a Professor of the School.
  7. The Scholar, after incorporating the changes, shall submit the final version of the dissertation to Office of the Controller of Examinations. The Scholar must comply with the following conditions in order to be eligible for the Dissertation Defense:
    1. PhD Dissertation must form a distinct contribution to the body of knowledge and afford evidence of originality.
    2. At least one publication in HEC recognized journal, duly verified by Chief Library Officer, is requisite for dissertation defense.
    3. Any part of the dissertation that has been published before submission of the dissertation must be appended at the end of the dissertation.