Office of Controller of Examinations

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be calculated using the following relationships:

SGPA=(Total Semester Credit Hours)/(Total Semester Credit Hours)

CGPA=(Total Grade Point Earned in a Program)/(Total  Credit Hours for GPA)

Example Case:
  • Input the credit hour and select the grade of the current semester S2020
  • After calculating the current SGPA in calculator then input below mentioned values in the second portion of the CGPA calculator
  • Previous semesters total credit hours (including f grade if not repeated)
  • Previous semesters total grade points

From Fall 2005 Before Fall 2005

Credit HoursGradeGrade Points
Total Credit in a semester:
Semester Grade Point Average(SGPA):
Total Grade Point in a semester:
Total # of Credit Hours have you studied other than current semester.
Total # of Grade Points have you got other than current semester.

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