Office of The Controller of Examinations (OCE)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there any hand book / guidelines for students?
A. Yes! Participant’s Hand Book.

Q.From where I can collect academic calendar?
A.It can be downloaded from the website of the Office of Registrar.

Q. What is GPA and How it is computed?
A. It refers to the system that indicates Participant's performance in a Semester. It is a conversion of Letter Grades achieved by the Participants into the grade Points (GP) by multiplying with credit hours. The sum total of Grade Points are divided by total credit hours registered by participants in a semester to obtain GPA. Participant's performance will always be measured in term of GPA which can range from 0-4.00

Q. What is CGPA and how it is computed?
A. CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. The Cr Hrs for each subject multiplied by grade points achieved for each subject is totalled, and then divided by the total number of credit hours registered in all semesters.

Q. How can I know my SGPA / CGPA?
A. Through Student Portal ( using your login/password.

Q. How do I know my degree requirements?
A. Degree requirements are mentioned on your road map / prospectus. Also consult Participant’s Hand Book.

Q. What is the required CGPA for my degree?
A. For the bachelor’s program it is 2.00, for the master's program it is 2.50, and for the Doctoral program, it is 3.00. Please refer to Participant ’s Hand Book for more details.

Q. Is there any difference between A+ or A grade?
A. Participants enrolled on / before Summer, 2005 get 4.00 and 3.70 grade points on "A+" and "A" respectively. However, participants enrolled after this period get 4.00 grade points on "A+" and "A".

Date Sheet, End-Term Examination and Result Notification

Q. Which School/Department prepares the final Date Sheet?
A. The concerned School/Department prepares the Final Date Sheet.

Q. Can I get a reply of my query regarding Grade/Result on cell phone?
A. Yes, OCE staff positively gets back to you on cell phone in some cases.

Q. Where can I get the Date sheet for my final examinations?
A. OCE displays the Date sheet and informs the Students through email at least 1-2 weeks before the final exams and can be obtained from the OCE website.

Q. What is the time duration of the Final Exams?
A. Final Exam time duration varies from 2 hours to 3 hours.

Q. Which documents are required to bring at the time of final exams?
A. University ID Card.

Q. What if I can not appear in final examinations due to plausible reasons?
Submit an application to the Dean’s Office or Chairman Office for grant of “I” grade as per procedure mentioned in the Participant’s Hand book.

Q. How I can clear my “I” grade course(s)?
A. Participant with “I” grade course(s) can take his/her make up exam in the immediate following semester.

Q. Can I sit in the examinations without University card?
A. No! University Card is mandatory.

Q. What if I get “F” grade in any of my course?
A. Repeat this course in the subsequent semester or when offered.

Q. If I do not repeat the course in which I have taken “F” grade?
A. Your CGPA will not improve and degree requirements will remain incomplete.

Q. What will happen if I withdraw or abort the course without the approval?
A. Grade “F” shall be awarded in that course.

Q. When University declare semester result?
A. As per the date mentioned in the academic calendar.

Q. My result is not available on MY UMT after result notification.
A. There are three possibilities which include

(i) Fee not paid

(ii) Registration issue

(iii) Result not received from dept.

Q. How I can see my results blocked due to fee defaulter status?
A. Obtain default clearance slip from the Accounts Office and submit it to OCE.

Q. What about if instead of improving the grade I get the lower grade in that particular subject?
Best grade will be counted towards CGPA.

Q. What is the procedure of paper rechecking?
A. There is no policy for paper rechecking. However, it is the responsibility of a resource person to show sessional evaluation and final term examination papers to the participants before submitting the results to the office of controller examinations.

Q. I want to see my complete academic performance?
A. Please see your online results through MY UMT.

Unfair Means Case (UMT) and Plagiarism

Q. How do I know what are the examinations rules and penalties?
A. Comprehensive information are available in the Participant ’s Hand Book and on the OCE website.

Q. What if I am found using unfair means in examinations?
A. Case shall be referred to UMC Committee for action.

Q. Does UMC committee give opportunity to the students for hearing?
A. Yes! UMC Committee provides students an opportunity to appear before the committee for defence.

Q. How committee announces UMC decision?
A. UMC decisions are notified by the secretary UMC committee.