DG UMT Abid Sherwani met with Afghan Higher Education Minister Abdul Haqqani

Wednesday, December 15 2021

The Afghan Higher Education Minister Abdul Haqqani showed his great interest in the joint education venture between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Director General University of Management and Technology (UMT), Abid Sherwani met with Alhaaj Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the Afghan Higher Education Minister for establishing resilient collaboration among both the countries and exchanged views on educational affairs.

Abid Sherwani expressed that the need of fostering education for the Afghan Youth is to eliminate cultural disparity, promote the love for learning and elevate the literacy levels that would contribute towards the progress of the nation. He further added that the key to the success of UMT depends on the inclusion of a mixture of cultures and diversity, a foundation stone laid by Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed). This is why students from 20 countries are getting quality education on scholarships at UMT.

The Afghan Higher Education Minister Abdul Haqqani expressed his thanks to DG UMT, Abid Sherwani and President UMT, Ibrahim Hasan Murad for their supportive role towards education in Afghanistan. Appreciating their efforts, he said that Afghanistan is pleased to hear about the 100 Scholarships for Afghan students and 10 PhD Scholarships for the teachers and researchers. The Afghan Minister added that this partnership will nurture further support in the arena of higher education of the two countries.