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Webinar on Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Friday, January 15, 2021

Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs with bright minds and outstanding ideas are working to stimulate economic development and innovation in their region. Establishing and maintaining a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem has always been one the main goals of UMT. Accreditations and Academic Improvement Cell (AAQIC) in determination to propel forward organized a webinar on “Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”.

The webinar was commenced by the guest speaker, Mr. Norris Krueger, PhD- Senior Subject Matter Expert for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Learning. The session was joined by faculty, students, and UMT staff. Mr. Krueger mentioned that to build a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem grassroots efforts are required. A new economic view is essential in order to develop a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives growth, innovation, and scale up businesses. He further stated that a clear strategic vision, strong leadership to support the cause, and a shift from conventional economic thinking about businesses and markets are the prerequisites for an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  The participants found the session intriguing.