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US-Pakistan Ties Under Biden Administration

Monday, February 01, 2021

The United States remains one the first countries to have established diplomatic relations with Pakistan, strictly based on economic and military support. Both the counties worked closely on a wide array of issues, such as efforts to counterterrorism, Afghanistan stabilization, trade and investment. Over the years, the relationship has been both cooperative and conflictive. With a new administration in the White House, Pakistan wants to build stronger bilateral relationships for regional stability.

Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell in collaboration with School of Business and Economics organized an international webinar on 1st Feb, 2021 to discuss the future prospects of relation between the two countries for regional peace and stability. The webinar was commenced by the moderator, Ms. Saima Amjad, Former President Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN)/VP Askari Bank Ltd. The keynote speakers invited for the webinar were Mr. Richard G. Olson, Former US Ambassador to Pakistan & US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan and Dr. Tricia Bacon, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs, American University. The speakers analyzed the overall approach of the Department of State on the administration of foreign affairs, Biden administration policy frameworks and its impact on Pakistan. Common areas of bilateral partnership were identified, particularly trade and economy, climate change, public health, US-Taliban agreement, terrorism, and regional peace. The speakers mentioned that the terms of relation will also depend on Pakistan’s alliance with China. The session ended on a thank you note by the speakers, they appraised the efforts of UMT for providing an appropriate platform for informative talk. The webinar was enlightening and well-attended by a large number of participants.