Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance

Policies And Procedures

Parking Instructions:

Office of safety, security and vigilance strives for a safe parking facility to staff and faculty inside UMT premises. The following necessary measures should be adopted while parking your vehicles for safe, secure and conducive parking facility for other fellows:-

  1. As per directions by Motor Registration Authority, the registration of vehicle, the ownership of vehicle must be in the name of right person.
  2. Vehicle must be registered with University through Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance.
  3. Parking Sticker should be clearly displayed on wind screen.
  4. Parking facility is available only during official timings, overnight parking is strictly prohibited.
  5. Drive slow inside campus premises, pedestrians have the right of way.
  6. Park only in designated/ declared parking areas.
  7. Park your car correctly in a right way.
  8. Always position your vehicle in the centre of a parking space.
  9. Never force your car in insufficient space or undesignated areas.
  10. Park straight your car in the parking lot.
  11. Leave sufficient space so you and other vehicles can leave without any hurdle.
  12. Do not park in the middle of two spaces.
  13. Leave sufficient space on each side of vehicle so you can open your car doors without hitting other vehicles.
  14. Don’t leave your car unlocked in the parking areas.
  15. Please co-operate with security staff.
  16. Never throw trash from your car in parking slot.

All are requested to please adhere the above mentioned parking instructions to avoid any inconvenience for yourself as well as others. Violation of above instructions will be subject to fine of PKR. 2,000/-.