Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance

Policies And Procedures


OSSV is one of the support offices and it consists of a team which is working to promote security, safety and vigilance. Main purpose is to monitor and ensure a safe, secure, conducive, ethical and peaceful environment for better learning, teaching and research. Precautionary measures are adopted to prevent from any type of incident.

2. AIM

To lay down Standard Operating Procedure for Security, Safety and Vigilance of UMT family.


The primary objective of this document is to ensure the safety/ protection of the institution and UMT family .Whilst this SOP serves to outline the operational procedures, it is not exhaustive but covers all the possible security situations. The information contained in this document is complete and detailed, yet is easily accessible and presented in a straightforward and reader-friendly manner.


Create and implement security standards, policies, and procedures.

  • Ensure the security and well-being of all personnel and campus.
  • Monitoring and authorizing entrance of vehicles.
  • Identify, investigate, or resolve security breaches.
  • Monitor and ensure a safe, conducive and ethical environment.
  • Plan, direct and coordinate security activities to safeguard UMT assets, employees, guests and property.
  • Develop and implement policies & methods to protect personnel against harassment, threats and violence.
  • Develop and assist in legislative reviews, and assessments of the overall effectiveness of facility and personnel security processes.
  • Train and develop team members regarding in-practice security rules and procedures.
  • Assess risks to alleviate potential consequences of incidents and develop a plan to respond.
  • Communicate security status, updates, and actual or potential problems, using established protocols.
  • Coordinate and correspond with law enforcement agencies.
  • Co-ordinate with relevant government / private agencies and effective handling of relevant legal / administrative affairs.
  • To manage and administer all matters of parking facility outside UMT.
  • Real estate management.
  • Any other responsibility assigned by the competent authority.


  • Security staff is authorized to Check the identification of any person within the campus or while entering, whether that person is participant or outsider, student or not. In this regard if any person refuses to co-operate with security staff, will be subject to disciplinary action by the management.
  • May stop the entry of un-identified, suspicious person and black listed.
  • Security staff is authorized to carry out security check/screening of the persons entering UMT, whether by vehicle or pedestrian.
  • In case of violation of university rules and regulations, security staff may hold the ID cards of participants and take the action.
  • UMT is smoke free campus. In case of violation of smoking policy, OSSV will impose fine against ill-disciplined participants.
  • It is mandatory for students to proper display ID cards, in case of violation, OSSV patrolling team can check and impose fine.
  • In case of misuse of ID card/ false identification, disciplinary fine will be imposed on participant.
  • No one is allowed to move out anything/ asset belonging to UMT unless authorized on inward/ outward.
  • As weapons, intoxicants (drugs) and gambling is strictly prohibited inside campus, OSSV staff has the right to capture such things and take action.
  • In case of emergency/ incident, OSSV will take steps and operate the situation as per emergency plan.
  • Celebration of individual events like birthdays etc will not be allowed.
  • OSSV may include any participant, staff and faculty member during the investigation of any incident, however in case of any faculty member, approval of worthy Rector would be sort.
  • May banned the entry of individual involved in the disciplinary cases after necessary approval.
  • OSSV has the authority to implement the policies across the campus.
  • Implementation of decisions of Disciplinary Committee.
  • Carryout necessary clearance of new employees.


  • Security, Safety and vigilance will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekto keep participants and institution protected from any danger, risk or threat.
  • Security Staff would be employed in two parameters within university, inner and hang around.
  • A thorough checkup/ search of all premises including administrative and academic block by the Security Supervisor to ensure security measures before start of campus/ entry of students and on closing of campus will be carried out.
  • Security clearance of all events before the start will be carried out by Security Supervisor.
  • Security Staff will perform duties in proper uniform.
  • Secure all exits, doors and windows.
  • Investigate people for suspicious, unusual or unlawful activity on campus.
  • Assessing situation when alarms buzz.
  • Immediate response to any emergency/ crises when it occurs.
  • In case of any violation of security, necessary measures will be taken as per rules.
  • In case of any emergency, assistance will be provided to people.
  • Remove trespassers from the campus.
  • Only trained staff will be employed after clearance by Police/ Special Branch.
  • The security will be beefed up and focused during study timings particularly at opening and closing hours.
  • Credentials of all entrants will be checked and recorded at reception. Entry will be ensured only with proper identification.
  • Entrants will be screened physically and no one will be allowed to carry any type of weapon or any intoxicant (drugs) in University premises.
  • Record of Incoming items and outgoing items (Inwards/ Gate Pass record) will be maintained at South Gate.
  • Entry of external participants during events/ seminars will be subject to a written request along with list of external participants by concerned HOD/ Deans.
  • The patrolling inside and outside the campus premises will be carried out in duly notified shifts.
  • The CCTV Supervisor will ensure the operation of CCTV camerasand maximum coverageof inside and outside area of the campus.
  • Following gadgets will be used for Security checking:-

            1) CCTV cameras

            2) Turnstile gates

            3) Walk through metal detectors

            4) Steel/ Concrete barriers

            5) Manual metal detectors

            6) Bottom view mirrors

  • The strict checking at all check posts will be carried out.
  • Security supervisor will ensure that all security equipment is functioning and working well.
  • Deployment of guards with weapons on particular posts will be ensured.
  • Deployment of guards at vantage points including roof top with rifles will be ensured.
  • Deployment of guards internal patrolling with weapon (preferable short range).
  • In case of any emergency, the alarm system will be operated by CCTV team.
  • Protocol will be provided to VVIP’s and foreign delegations only, however in case of any other protocol, would require approval of worthy Rector.
  • All gathering/ events, Juma Prayer and Eid day etc will be provided special security cover from start till end.
  • Wireless, mobile and line communication would be maintained within security staff, connecting with control room and Head OSSV.
  • Deployment of Security Staff will be as follows:

           1) Sector “A”:Main Building

           2) Sector “B”:Library Building and SEN.

           3) Sector “C”:Admin Block, Mosque and STD Building.

           4) Sector “D”:Hang Around

           5) Mobile Patrolling

  • Detail of all residents on parameter of university will be kept and updated on monthly basis, further would be shared with local police station.
  • Details of all hostels within the vicinity will be monitored and updated list will be maintained.
  • List of all emergency numbers will be maintained in control room and with Security Supervisor.
  • Head OSSV is responsible to carry out necessary liaison with LEA, Intelligence Agencies and ANF for update on security reviews.
  • Data of new opening around university would be monitored and shared with ANF and Local Police Station.
  • Head OSSV is responsible to update security situation, in, around, outside UMT and Hostels and put forward recommendations to worthy Rector.
  • All security measures prescribed by Government of Punjab will be adopted as per Annexure “A”.