Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance

Policies And Procedures

Gate Pass Procedures:


  • The purpose of this procedure is to record and monitor all the items going out from UMT or coming in UMT premises and issue inwards and outwards accordingly.
  • It will also serve to accomplish audit requirements for accountable items.


  • Gate clerk is responsible to check the movement of goods /items through proper gate passes while maintaining log file for inwards and outwards. The clerk is also responsible to share daily reports with the Head OSSV on regular basis.


     3.1 Inward Gate Pass

  • Inward Gate Pass will be issued for all claimable and consumable items as mentioned at enclosed Inward Gate Pass.
  • In case, the concerned department which ordered the incoming items, denies the item because of any reason, the inward gate pass will be cancelled and recorded in the Office of OSSV.
  • The Inward Gate Pass shall be issued only during duty hours i.e. from 9 am to 5 pm whereas, in case of delivery besides the duty hours, a prior intimation from the concerned department shall be required so as to ensure the necessary security arrangements accordingly. 

     3.2  Inward for Learning Resource Center (LRC)

  • Books for approval shall be brought in the campus using a temporary slip issued at the south gate.
  •  Library will select the required books from “Books for Approval” and will also mention the number of non-selected and selected books on the temporary slip mentioned at enclosed format of library gate pass. 
  • Gate clerks will issue the “Inward” to the vendor upon receiving the bill for selected books.

      3.2  Outward Gate Pass

  • University assets will be restricted for going out without outward gate pass, duly signed by authorized person (Head of concerned department or its nominee). Necessary details of such items are mentioned on enclosed Outward Gate Pass.
  • Prior to issuing outward gate pass, the gate clerk matches the outgoing item with asset number allocated to the University item (asset) along with specification of quantity.
  • In case of bulk quantity (usually disposable and/or junk items), the security staff member verifies the items with the relevant procedings of Asset Disposal Committee meeting.
  • Gate clerk further verifies the items physically at the time of loading with the provided relevant procedings of Asset Disposal Committee meeting. In case of any discrepancy the matter is immediately reported to the supervisor and Head OSSV and items are held till further decision.
  • The Outward Gate Pass shall be issued only during duty hours i.e. from 9 am to 5 pm however, in case of emergency besides the duty hours, the Security Guard will collect consent from Security Supervisor who can issue permission after approval from Head OSSV and/or concerned department.Rest of the formal procedures shall be followed on the very next working day by the Gate Clerks and/or Security Officer.

       3.3 Returnable Outward Gate Pass

  • There are certain categories of items of returnable outward gate pass which include: Warranty Replacement, Repairable, and Allocated to other domains of UMT (Hostels, other campus, Walton Airport etc.). The outward gate pass contains all mentioned categories as mentioned above. The same gate pass is used to record outgoing items according to the category.
  • In case, repairable item is not received within 15 days, the matter is followed up by Office of Reception from concerned department. 
  • Concerned department head or its nominee signs outward gate pass for clearance.
  • After filling the gate pass duplicate copy of gate pass is given to the person and a copy is kept in the Office of OSSV while another copy is retained in gate pass book.

      3.4 Personal Gate Pass

  • The contractors working in the premises of the University are required to provide details of their items at the register placed with the Security Staff at the gate.
  • Non-cadre staff members are required to submit personal gate pass in case of going outside UMT either for short period of time or half day leave, duly signed by relevant head of department.
  • Security staff ensures the validity of personal gate pass by verifying signatures of relevant head of department.
  • OSSV keeps all the personal passes of the whole day.