Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Where is the OSSV located? 
A:The Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance (OSSV) is located near South Gate.

Q: Does OSSV close?
A: The OSSV serves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. However, participants are dealt in university timings only.

Q: How do I report an incident/complaint? 
A: In case of any complaint/ incident, you may come to OSSV and report the incident with complete details in writing.  

Q: How can we find any lost item? 
A: You can share the details (location, time, etc.) with OSSV to help us find the lost items.

Q: I forgot my RFID card at room/home. How can I enter the campus?
A: The participant should approach the reception of North Gate II and prove his/her identity. A temporary slip will be issued for single entry.

Q: Can I celebrate my birthday at campus?
A: No personal events are allowed inside the campus premises.

Q: Whom can I contact in any emergency? 
A: A participant can contact any OSSV official/ security guard in case of emergency.

Q: What if I lose my RFID card?

A: A participant should report to OPRM for lost RFID card and check with OSSV if someone has found it.

Q: Who should I contact if my RFID card is not scanned? 
A: The participant should contact OPRM Help Desk.

Q: How do I get a new or replacement student ID card? 
A: A participant can get new or duplicate RFID card from OPRM located at first floor, Admin Block, UMT.

Q: Can I make personal photographs from my DSLR camera inside the campus? 
A: No personal DSLR camera/activity is allowed inside the campus premises.

Q: How I can bring my thesis models/lab materials? 
A: The concerned program director will inform OSSV through an email and share the names of participants and detail of the materials to be allowed inside the campus.

Q: What if I have a visitor at campus? 
A: General visitors are not allowed at the campus.

Q: What if my parking token is lost?
A: The participant will prove the ownership of the vehicle and contact the reception to pay the fine.

Q: What are parking timings? 
A: The participant can avail this facility only during official timings. If a participant leaves his/her vehicle for overnight parking, a fine will be charged.

Q: How do I request to waive off disciplinary fine?

A: The participant will submit an application on an application form before the secretary of SDC for onward process/review. However, request for the fine related to wearing RFID card will not be entertained.

Q: I need a wheelchair. How can I get this facility?
A: The participant may generate a request in writing to get the facility of wheelchair.

Q: I live near South Gate. How can I get permission to use South Gate for entry/exit?
A: The participant will apply for entry through South Gate in writing. The entry from South Gate is limited and subject to approval by Head OSSV only.