Office of The Registrar

Inter-School/Institute Program Change

Participants can change their program of study on the acceptance of the Dean/Director of the School/Institute, to which a participant wishes to transfer, by submitting program change form and clearance form. Program change will only be allowed for participants, who meet the admission criteria of the program, to which they want to change to.

The Dean/Director of the School/Institute accepting the transfer of the program will determine the road map to be completed. The previous course grades and credits applicable to the new program will be counted towards calculating CGPA of the new program. After approval, form will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, which will issue a new ID, after checking all documents. The previous ID will be blocked.

Admission fee paid by the participant for the previous program will be fully adjusted in the admission fee of the new program. However, Rs 15000/- shall be charged as program change fee, irrespective of the semester of admission. All new policies and fee structure will be applicable as per new program and schedule and any previous paid fee will be adjusted in the fee of the new program as per policy.



Program change will not be allowed in case the participant is on ‘Last Probation.

Program change request can be entertained only once. However, the participant request for the second  time change of program can be processed on the approval of the competent authority followed by the CGPA of the participant which should be 3.00 or above.

Rs. 15000/= will be charged as program change fee.

Rs.25000/= will be charged on program change for the second time.