Office of The Registrar

Criteria for Continuing Fee Waiver through Merit / Non-Merit for Fall 2021 Onward Batches


1.1              All kinds of discounts, waivers, scholarships and financial aid are applicable to tuition fee only.

1.2              Admission and Library fees are not refundable in any case.

1.3    Minimum CGPA requirement criteria to continue Fee Waiver granted through merit/non-merit scholarships is in the Table below:

Bachelors & Masters Minimum CGPA 3.00 required
MS/M. Phil Minimum CGPA 3.00 required
PhD Minimum CGPA 3.25 required

Note: For Financial Assistance (QH) and/or the discount on the basis of UMT employee, the minimum CGPA requirement criteria to continue fee discount/fee waiver/financial assistance should be as per the HEC degree requirement of that program.

 1.4   Continuation of Outstanding Sportsmen & Extracurricular Scholarships in subsequent semesters is subject to maintenance of minimum graduating  CGPA requirement in respective degree program.

1.5   CGPA maintenance criteria for continuation of scholarships and financial aid are applicable from 1st semester onwards. SGPA in 1st semester is considered as CGPA and maintenance criteria as mentioned in above table will be applied accordingly.

1.6   All kinds of discounts, waivers, scholarships and financial aid shall be permanently withdrawn on the basis of fee default of two consecutive quarters.

1.7   It is mandatory for every scholarship or need-based financial assistance holder to finish their enrolled program in the prescribed duration of the program. No extension of award will be provided beyond the standard duration of the course/degree.

1.8   If a participant getting scholarship or need based financial assistance discontinues his/her studies for more than consecutive two semesters and would like to resume his/her studies later, he or she shall be treated as a new applicant for admission. All fee, awards, rights and privileges shall be considered accordingly subject to fulfillment of applicable criteria and meeting policy requirements.

1.9   If a participant getting financial assistance leaves the program/University, the participant is required to pay the full amount of scholarship or waiver, at the time of clearance before issuance of progress report and NOC.

2.0   In case of a disciplinary breach, involvement in political, unethical, activities and/or against the interest(s) of the University or its authorities shall result in withdrawal of all financial awards, discounts, and privileges whatsoever.

2.1   If a participant getting scholarship or financial assistance repeats a course, the participant shall be charged with the full fee of the course credit hour wise.

2.2   All UMT Alumni seeking further higher education at UMT will pay Rs5000 as Admission and Rs5000 as Library Fee irrespective of the grant of scholarship or financial assistance.

2.3   A participant may only avail one type of scholarship or financial assistance. No two financial awards or scholarships will be awarded simultaneously. If a participant is eligible for more than one award, he or she may choose one award only.

2.4   Information regarding Remote Area Scholarship, application requirements and selection criteria are available from the office of “Participants from Remote Areas Advisor” (PRAs Advisor)

2.5   Doctoral dissertation fee shall be charged. For details, please contact Office of Registrar.