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Participant Relations Section (PRS)

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Vision Statement

Participants’ Relations Section (PRS) vision includes:

  • Continually expanding our knowledge base and expertise in our respective areas, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Utilizing information technology to enhance participant services by providing self-service options, wherever appropriate, in order to better serve the relevant stakeholders
  • Emphasizing upon on good governance by ensuring that the applications by the participants are dealt on the principles of merit. To make sure that participant queries are resolved in a timely manner and are dealt with fairness and transparency

Mission Statement

Participants’ Relations Section (PRS) acts as a connection point or link between the participant and the associated School/Institute/Department. PRS is committed to improve participant’s experience, by facilitating a fast track user-friendly one window participant’s facilitation model, designed to meet the institutional goals by conforming to high quality standards.

Core Functions

  • To provide timely assistance to participants
  • To support, advocate and promote the needs and interests of participants and meet appropriate institutional requirements
  • To   develop   a   participant   relationship   framework   that supports   the   enhancement of participant their learning outcomes, along with ensuring success
  • To serve as an integrator of functions across the university for the purpose of enhancing participant learning and success
  • To plan, lead, organize and control the affairs pertaining to orientation program
    • To issue Participant Identity Card (RFID) and scan the RFID card
    • To provide secretarial support during admission campaigns

To facilitate secretarial support during convocations

Core Values / Philosophy

Professionalism Mutual respect Accountability Courtesy Collaboration Cooperation Open communication
Problem resolution Integrity Compassion Consideration Commitment to excellence Acknowledgment of multiple voices Taking pride in timely completion of tasks