Office of Communications and Media

Digital Marketing Services

The Digital Marketing Section is responsible for giving the best digital exposure to the university by interacting as well as engaging with both internal and external stakeholders for optimum brand projection. The department ensures to reach valuable leads, garner new traffic to the digital mediums and reach to a wider audience by projecting the university in a positive light.

The primary function of the digital marketing team are as follows:

  • Ensures that the university gets noticed in the digital arena by using design ingenuity for developing the brand imagery, along with creating a long-lasting impact on the visitors. Provides web design related support to UMT so it can meet its organizational goals
  • Facilitates Search Engine Optimization by improving both the quantity and quality of website traffic, along with offering other services, including organic search, on-page SEO, link building, keyword search and developing strategy and activity report
  • Develop engaging content for the website, provide content-related support to all academic and support departments of the university and increase website ranking by sharing high-quality informational and unique content to meet organizational objectives
  • Optimum utilization of digital/social media platforms to update the latest developments and progress made by the university in both academic and extra-curricular domains. Increase awareness and engage with students to spread a positive word of mouth by building connects and a good rapport, as well as enhancing the image of the brand