Office of Campus Management and Services (OCMS)


The Office of Campus Management and Services (OCMS) ensures conducive environment and smooth functioning of daily operations in UMT, i.e. electricity, water, gas, facilities. OCMS is responsible for initiation and execution of various projects i.e. repair and maintenance, replacement of furniture, civil works, white-wash, management of office boys, housekeepers, lift management, space allocation, classrooms and office maintenances, etc. It is also responsible for co-ordination with relevant government / private agencies and effective handling of legal / administrative affairs. OCMS ensures the provision of facilities i.e., cafeteria, photocopiers, and so forth, for UMT Students and employees.


To ensure uninterrupted logistic / administrative support with a view to enhancing efficiency through unstinted dedications in promoting prestigious image of UMT.


To ensure uninterrupted provision of facilities and services to the UMT management, staff and participants through operational and administrative support to enhance efficiency and promote the image of UMT

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