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The Plot Area is of 15000 Sqft and total covered area of building would be 65000sqft of 13000sqft each.

Project Cost

ProjectSize (Sqfts)Unit Price (PKR)Total Cost (PKR)

Library building Level I  and II



91 million

Budgetary and Financial Resource

(Library Learning Center Endowment Fund)

An endowment fund worth US$ 1 million will ensure that recurrent / non recurrent and maintenance costs/expenditure are only met by utilizing the income earned on the deposits and investments made through this fund.

Outcome of your participation / investment

The aesthetically appealing and stylish artifacts in the new building will certainly support the development of intellectual as well as the aesthetic sense of our learners as better understanding of aesthetics can help in gaining better insights into our daily working. The new building will redefine the role of the library in teaching and learning and is expected to be a strong feature of the university. It will provide conducive learning environment in the heart of the campus. It will act as a dynamic engine of the learning vehicle with multi-lateral knowledge services aimed at catering for increased student intake and expanding activities of the university in terms of new courses, programs, research initiatives, academia-industry interactions and international linkages. The new library building will be of 24000 sqft space spread over two floors of 12000sqft each. The timeline for the completion of library building remains on schedule and it is expected to be operational in Fall 2011.

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