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The UMT Library proactively supports learning and is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and improvement in the intellectual accomplishments of its users. Within the last three years, since the campus moved to the new complex, the library has emerged as the center-par-excellence which aims to meet learning needs of its users as far as possible. It has been successful in establishing prominence in intellectual and social life of the learning communities of the university by offering a broad compass of learner support services and vigorously engaging them in the process of designing new services and addressing their research and teaching needs proactively and efficiently.

Facilities and Services

The library holds a collection of 55,000+ books, bound periodicals, required readings, and other learning materials that include 3000 company reports, 2000 project reports produced by UMT students, more than 300,000 selected newspaper and magazine articles on 53 broader subject areas, and 1500 CDs/audios/video/DVDs. The library also subscribes to 70+ international/national journals and magazines in print format and provides access to more than 10,000 e-journals and 40,000 e-books. The library has firm focus on its objectives, services, programs and is strongly committed to provide comprehensive portfolio of learning opportunities and services by proactively understanding and responding to the information and learning needs of the university community.
Some of the key learner support services designed around the broad-spectrum of concepts being offered are: lending/borrowing (with various borrowing privileges, searching assistance, reference services (research and teaching support), literature searching services/support, trainings on information searching and handling skills, inter-library loan and document delivery services, multimedia (audio/video) facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity and photocopying facility.

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