UMT Campus

The UMT campus master plan includes all features of a modern university meeting international standards and offers excellent facilities for teaching and learning. The first phase of the UMT campus project, comprising of the academic block, external works, utilities and supplies, was completed in June 2007, with a covered area of 200,000 sq ft. The entire student body, faculty and staff members shifted to the purpose-built campus in a phased manner.

UMT Campus

Phase-I of the campus was primarily based on an Academic Block with utilities and supplies, which has been completed at a cost of Rupees 600 Million (US $ 800 Million). The 160 kanal purpose-built campus caters for over 4000 students. It has a library and learning resource center with over 50,000 books, spacious classrooms, well-equipped science and engineering laboratories, facilities for indoor and outdoor sports, newly built cafeteria while facilities are continuously being added and development and extension work is in progress.

Ongoing Campus Extension

Extensions to the existing academic block to cope with the increasing number of students and expansion in academic programs and disciplines were part of the campus master plan which is being carried out now. The objective of this extension project is to create space on the eastern side of the existing academic block by covering around 50,000 sq ft on the roof of the building and creating a separate structure on eastern side of the academic block. This aims to cater for projected increase in the number of students and faculty.

The proposed expansion in the UMT campus will create space for more laboratories and classrooms, and expedite the development that has been envisaged by the University management in terms of academics and physical infrastructure. At present, work is in full swing on the construction of the new UMT library building and the University mosque.

Second Phase

The major components of the second phase of the campus project include construction of the UMT School of Law, faculty apartments, social sciences block and a mosque. The foundation stone of the University mosque has already been laid. Based on basic elements and principles of the traditional mosque on the prototype developed by our Holy Prophet (PBUH), the proposed mosque has been conceived as landmark and hub of the UMT Campus and surrounding area. The use of natural elements such as sun, water, vegetation, natural light and intrinsic factors like color, rhythm, harmony in the traditional manmade elements of mosque architecture i.e. arches, domes, minarets, courtyards, ablution, jali, calligraphy, and tile work etc has been fully exploited in the proposed design of the UMT Campus Mosque. A well-equipped gymnasium, auditorium and community center are being made part of the plan.

The auditorium will be fully equipped with board room, press room, projection room, back stage and other facilities.

The community center will be complete in all respects, comprising of a bank, post office, venues for student extra-curricular activities, cafeteria with separate dining facilities for male and female students, counseling rooms for the participants, common rooms and much more. The second phase of the project would also comprise of much needed additions to the existing campus infrastructure such as examination halls, demonstration halls, classrooms, reception, and information desk, student sitting areas, foyers, entrance halls and lobbies.

Third Phase

The third phase of the campus project would comprise of the School of Engineering (academic building and laboratories), laboratory equipment, library and research center, and UMT School of Medicine. Once completed, the 160 kanal purpose-built UMT campus would meet all standards of a modern university worthy of its status.