Office of Treasurer

Quarterly Installment

Important Dates

Due Date of Quarterly Installments of Learning investment

1 June 1st
2 September 1st
3 December 1st
4 March 1st

The learning investment challan can be obtained from the Online Student Portal or Front desk Admin Building.

Note: Contribution of Rs.3,000/- plus Rs.100/- per day will be applicable towards ILM fund scholarship in case of non-payment after the due date.

Payment Method:

Payments method over bank counter

Payments can be made in any branch of HBL or Meezan Bank across Pakistan via submitting a fee voucher.

Please email a copy of your Fee Paid vouchers to paym[email protected] if you pay in any HBL Branch other than HBL UMT.

Online payment methods:

  1. Go to "More"
  2. Select "Bill payment"
  3. Select "Education"
  4. Select "University of Management and Technology"
  5. Enter "Student ID" & "Pay"

Method to pay fee via Meezan Bank App (Meezan Bank Account holder and main campus students only):

  1. Download voucher from student portal.
  2. Open Meezan Bank App on your mobile.
  3. Go to Bill Payment, select UMT Lahore
  4. Enter "challan number/voucher number" as appearing on the voucher, read participant name, Add “Biller”
  5. Click on “Pay now”, select the earlier added "Biller", verify your name, amount and challan number and “Pay”


  1. Do not pay via INTERBANK FUNDS TRANSFER or any other method which is not mentioned above otherwise you may appear in the defaulters list.
  2. Payments through cheque of other banks will not be entertained for now.