President UMT wishes Happy New Year 2022 to everyone

Saturday, January 01 2022

President University of Management and Technology, Ibrahim Hasan Murad expressed his heartiest wishes to everyone for New Year 2022. He said that the New Year is here, the time of new beginnings, new expectations, new prospects, and new resolutions in the field of education and all others. He said that this year let us aim to make a fresh start in which we could make Pakistan proud and prosper. It’s time to mend the broken bonds, learn from our previous mistakes, and plan to reach new ground-breaking milestones; he added.

Mr Murad expressed that in 2022 we shall plan to achieve economic stability and recovery by further strengthening employment and education so let’s harmonize our abilities and energies for improvement individually and professionally. In 2022, our goals should be very SMART, encompassing growth, improving quality of life and education, self-reflection, and achievements as we move into the year 2022, there are a number of mountains that we need to climb; he shared.

President UMT further said that the year 2022 will be a year for reclamation, a year for inclusiveness, and a year for rebirth. With the high-speed digital innovation era we need to be well-prepared to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
On behalf of UMT, I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2022.