President UMT Announces Dr Hasan Murad Engineering Scholarship Worth 100 Million

Friday, September 16 2022

University of Management and Technology (UMT) President Ibrahim Hasan Murad has announced "Dr Hasan Murad Engineering Scholarship" worth 100 million rupees to support the flood affected youth of Pakistan. This scholarship is being offered through the collaboration of ILM Fund.

The aim of this scholarship is to make higher education accessible for all, particularly for the young generation students, orphans, handicapped, children of martyrs, minorities and financially constrained from the remote and flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

Elaborating on the scholarship announcement, President UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad said the vision and mission of Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (shaheed) was to make education accessible in the country so that every underprivileged child could be equipped with the gift of knowledge. “Dr Hasan believed that education creates awareness that can play a key role in the development and progress of the country, Mr. Murad said, adding that UMT was working day and night for the promotion of higher education in the country.