Peace and Harmony Birth Rights of Every Individual says Ibrahim Hasan Murad

Monday, May 16 2022

University of Management and Technology (UMT) President, Ibrahim Hasan Murad ,said that peaceful and harmonious existence was the birth right of every individual.
Speaking on the eve of the International Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16, Murad said there was a dire need to promote harmony, patience, inclusion, understanding and unity. He added that the Day aimed at setting aside differences and building a sustainable and peaceful world for everyone.

The UMT president said we must “respect, recognize and appreciate individuals to promote peace for the benefit of all of humanity and the future generations”. To build a sustainable and developed nation, all kinds of differences need to be disregarded whether it was race, colour, language, religion, politics, disability or any other, he added.

Murad revealed that the Centre for Critical Peace Studies at UMT was focused on building an active international scholarly community that examined the problems of peace and justice from the perspective of the Global South.

The UMT president went on to say that education played a vital role in bridging gaps in the society and helped in appreciating cultural diversity. “Focused education can aid in resolving cultural conflicts and eradicate issues of intolerance, inequality and violence. Our youth, the nation-builders and the educators must put all their energies to create a peaceful society, as an educated youth is the guardian of prosperity,” Murad added.