Office of Participant Affairs

Sports at UMT

It is famously known that there is a sound mind in a sound body. Playing sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Human body is astounding and sports tones it in amazing ways. Sports not only trains the body but also builds character and personality. It boosts self-confidence and brings discipline in life. If you happen to be a firm believer of the fact that sports are essential to keep you fit physically as well as mentally then UMT Sports Society is what you are looking for.

Keeping in mind interests of the public at large and sports that contribute positively to your personality, UMT has an amazing array of 16 different sports clubs for men and women to choose from.

1. Cricket Club
2. Football Club
3. Rugby Club
4. Chess Club
5. Badminton Club
6. Table Tennis Club
7. Athletics Club
8. Martial Arts Club
9. Volleyball Club
10. Baseball Club
11. Hockey Club
12. Rowing Club
13. Tennis Club
14. Basketball Club
15. Health & Wellness Club

Sports society is managed and equipped well. We offer regular training, coaching and hold competitions, both nationally and internationally. These include various intra and inter university competitions at various platforms from University level to Divisional and Provincial level.

Sports Based Scholarship

For some students, sports is a defining factor of their overall university experience, whether it is just for fun, something more competitive, or just watching and supporting the teams. Students of Sports Society have brought many laurels to the Campus in the past few years by taking part in different tournaments/championships. The students of Sports Society are highly motivated and are aware of their roles in the development process of the University. The Sports Society has historically aimed to transform the culture of sports from competition to inclusion and to promote a paradigm shift that sports are more than just the numbers on the scoreboard.