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Sindh Scouts Jumbo Moot 2022
Dec 25, 2022

UMT Scouts Club participated in Sindh Jambo Moot which was held in Karachi from 20-27th December, 2022.We proudly announce the remarkable positions of our bright Scouts of UMT SCOUTS CLUB during this Jambo Moot. UMT Scouts Club stood first in Tug of War competition. President UMT Scouts Club, Mr. Zubair Iqbal, achieved 1st position in Quiz Competition. 

7th All Pakistan Parliamentary debates open
Oct 02, 2022

UMT Debating Club proudly shares the achievement of our diligent members at the Khyber Medical College.Asjad Ali and Mashhood Ahmad won the Team Trophy for the Urdu Parliamentary at the Event, Asjad Ali ranked the Second Best Speaker of the Parliamentary.

Fastest Time to Burst 100 Balloons with feet
Jul 04, 2022

Congratulations to Muhammad Yasir Mushtaq for securing the Guinness World Record by bursting 100 balloons with his feet in 24.94 seconds.      



All Pakistan Intervarsity E Sports National Championship 2022
Jul 01, 2022

Members of UMT Gamer's Lounge Club got forth position and won cash in All Pakistan Intervarsity E Sports National Championship 2022 organized by Minhaj University Lahore.

Jun 05, 2022

ELEVISTA'22 12th Rotaract District Conference on June 3-5,2022 World Rotaract Week Award
DRR’s special Recognition Award for Arranging Successful DRR’s Official Visit.


5th UVAS Literary Festival 2022
Jun 02, 2022

University of Veterinary & Animal Science conducted 5th Literary Festival 2022. The Members of UMT Literary Society participated and won achievements- ASJAD ALI got 3rd position in Urdu 100-word story, Mominah Arshad got 1st position in English poetry, Zarmina Khan got 2nd position in Urdu ghazal.


National Youth Assembly Competition 2022
May 23, 2022

University of Engineering and Technology Taxila organized competition on National Youth Assembly Competition 2022 from May 22-23, 2022.Maham Shabir won English content writing competition.


Forman Literary Festival '22
May 18, 2022

Forman Christian College conducted event on Forman Literary Festival 2022 on May 16-18,2022. Zarmina Khan won 3rd in poetry slam, Kiran Khizar got 2nd in scavenger hunt, Momina Arshad won 3rd in scavenger hunt.


May 17, 2022

DECRODEO'22 at UVAS on May 14-17,2022 in which Mashood Ahmad got 2nd position in English Serious category.


8th SMDC All Pakistan Tri-Lingual Declamation Competition'22
May 08, 2022

UMT Debating Club participated in 8th SMDC All Pakistan Tri-Lingual Declamation Competition'22- Amir Aslam got 2nd Position in Punjabi Declamation Category and Muzzamil Cheema got 3rd position in Urdu Declamation Category.


Apr 07, 2022

The Executive of UMT Debating Club Muzzamil Ahmed Cheema got First Position in Declamation Debates Competition in PEGHAM-E-RAMADAN show at Neo TV.


7th Layallpur Art & Literature Festival
Mar 31, 2022

University of Agriculture -Faisalabad organized 7th Layallpur Art & Literature Festival. UMT Drama Club participated in the competition and Muhammad Abdullah & Muhammad Qasim got Best Actor in Supporting rule.


Mar 31, 2022

UMT MUN Society participated in VIMUN on March 30-31,2022 at Lords Law College, Lahore. Aymah Mansoor - Best Delegate (UNSC), Mashhood Ahmad - Outstanding Diplomacy (UNSC), Syed Iqbal Hussain - Committee Director Award (UNSC).

Mental Health in an Unequal World
Mar 30, 2022

Mental Health in unequal World organized by COMSATS University-  1st position in poster competition, Certificates for poster competition, Certificates for 2nd position in Quiz competition, Letter of acknowledgement for club's Executives.


CPMC Annual Debating Contest 2022
Mar 28, 2022

Central Park Medical College Lahore organized an event CPMC Annual Debating Contest 2022 on March 28, 2022.Amir Aslam got First Position in Punjabi Mazahiya Category, Mashhood Ahmad got first for the English Humorous Category.


World Youth Model United Nations
Mar 28, 2022

UMT Model United Nations Society participated in World Youth Model United Nations on March 26-28,2022 at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. Sara Afzal got Best Delegate Award, Ali Raza  got Honorary Mention, Shamil Shahzada got Honorary Mention, Mohsin Ali Baig got Honorary Mention.


Mar 27, 2022

Fast National University of Computer and Emerging Science, Chiniot-Faisalabad. Muzzamil Cheema got 3rd Position in Urdu Serious Declamation Debate,
Mashhood Ahmed got 3rd Position in English Humorous Declamation Debate and Winning the trophy for runner-up at the competition.


FCCU Theatro’22
Mar 25, 2022

UMT Drama Club Participated in Theatro'22 Stage Sajay Ga on March 25,2022 at Forman Christian College-Muhammad Abdullah got best director award, Qasim Rajpoot got best actor award in negative role.


Mar 22, 2022

UET Faisalabad organized an event-Asjad Ali got First position in Urdu 100-word story, Khadija Shakeel got First position in English 100-word story.



Mar 20, 2022

The University of Engineering and Technology organized UET MUN V on March 18-20, 2022.Surrayya got Best Delegate Award, Iffrah Bhatti got Out Standing Diplomacy Award, Aymah Mansoor, Rohan, Ahmad Atique and Abdullah Jehangir Honorary Mention Awards.


Fast National University 15th Annual Drama Fest 2022
Mar 17, 2022

UMT Drama Club Participated in Fast National University 15th Annual Drama Fest 22 -Hammad Khalid got best actor award in comic role.


Mar 15, 2022

Saman khalid got first prize in Art category (Cash prize: 4,000)
Aliha ahsan got first prize in Writing category (Cash prize: 4,000)
Hamza sajid runner up in Writing category (Cash Prize: 2,000).


FLDO ’22
Mar 14, 2022

UMT Debating Club participated in Forman Lahore Debate Open XII on March 11-14,2022.Durdana Atif got 1st Position in British Parliamentary English debating competition, Rohama Shahis got 2nd Position in British Parliamentary English debating competition ,Asjad Ali got 7th Position in Asian Parliamentary Urdu debating competition.


Mar 05, 2022

UMT MUN participated in the biggest MUN event of Lahore on March 2-5,2022. The team managed to bag "Best Delegation Award" by winning 12 awards. Aymah Mansoor -Best Delegate,Surrayyaa - Best Delegate, Sana Shehzad - Outstanding Diplomacy, Mashood - Outstanding Diplomacy, Momina - Outstanding Diplomacy, Hamza - Outstanding Diplomacy,Ifrah Bhatti - Honorary Mention, Qumber Murtaza- Honorary Mention, Zaryab - Honorary Mention, Abdullah Jehangir - Honorary Mention, Ezah - Special Mention, Laiba - Special Mention

Feb 27, 2022

Members of UMT Model United Nations Society participated in UCP TAAKRA 2022 and achieved 1 Best Delegate award (plus cash award), 1 Outstanding Diplomacy (plus cash award) and 2 Honorary Mentions. Aymah Mansoor participating in UNGA as Delegate of China, won Outstanding Diplomacy, Mashood Ahmed participating in UNGA as Delegate of Ukraine, won Best Delegate. Mominah Saleem participating in UNGA as Delegate of Canada, won an Honorary Mention. Rohama Shahid participating in UNGA as delegate of Bangladesh, won an Honorary mention.

UCP TAAKRA’22 - Declamation
Feb 27, 2022

UMT Debating Club participated at University of Central Punjab named as “TAAKRA”. Amir Aslam stood first among all Punjabi speakers, Tahreem Tariq was declared the 5th best speaker in English category, Laiba Wahid also contributed significantly to collectively lift the Runner-up team trophy.


UCP TAAKRA '22 - Dramatic
Feb 27, 2022

Drama Club UMT grabbed 2 major nominations 
Best Script & Best actor in a negative role and won the Best Mime Award through their outstanding performance in UCP TAAKRA’22.


UCP TAAKRA 2022 - Literature
Feb 27, 2022

University of Central Punjab organized mega event Taakra on February 23-27,2022. The members of UMT Literary Society performed their best -Inaya Adeel won Rhetoric Visual Writing, Khadija Shakeel won Runner up English Poetry and Abdullah Shebih got Runner up Spellathon.


Fanoos ‘22
Feb 23, 2022

UMT Literary Society won 5 awards at Fanoos ‘22 organized by UET in English and Urdu category.


3rd Policy Making Competition
Feb 19, 2022

UMT Urban Planning Society participated in 3rd Policy Making Competition which was held at University of Lahore one of member Runner Up in the Economy & Development Module of the National Policy Making Competition.


Jan 30, 2022

The executive members and extended council members of UMT MUN Society committee and chaired directors in LGSMT MUN at Lahore Grammar School.


Jan 23, 2022

IRC MUN organized at Kinnaird College for Women on 21-23 January, 2022.Aymah Mansoor at HNHCR representing UK achieved Outstanding Diplomacy Award, Momina Saleem at UNSC representing India achieved Special Mention, Abdullah Jehangir at UNEP representing UK achieved Special Mention, Mashood Ahmed at HNHCR representing South Africa achieved Special Mention and Syed Iqbal Hussain at Harry Potter Crisis representing Ginny Weaselly achieved Special Mention


26th GCU Parliamentary Style Debating Championship 2022
Jan 22, 2022

Team UMT Literary Society broke at 7th and reached quarterfinals-Asjad Ali declared as 4th best speaker in Urdu category, Memoona Nasir declared as 5th best speaker in English category and Tahreem Tariq declared as 9th best speaker in English category.


LUMS Music Fest’22
Jan 14, 2022

UMT Symphony Club participated in LUMS Music Fest’22 and Muhammad Ahmed got 2nd Position in Rap Battle category.


Mental Health Week 2021
Dec 13, 2021

GCU invited the UMT Department of Applied Psychology to take part in Inter-university Poster and Performing Arts Competition.UMT Psychology Club in collaboration with UMT Drama Club ensured all the right directions to perform in the arts competition & got 1st position by competing in more than 20 universities.

HSOL Winter Fest 21
Dec 10, 2021

Taimoor Ali from UMT Drama Club got 1st position in Solo Dance, Mimicry, and in Squad game in HSOL winter Fest '21 held at HRPC School of Law while UMT Symphony Club got Runner Up award "in the battle of bands" in this same event.


UCL’s Performing Art Festival - Sixth Edition
Dec 05, 2021

UMT Drama Club grabbed 2 major nominations in Best Play & Best Actor in a Negative Role through their outstanding performance in UCPAF VI And they won the Best Dance Team Award.


Nov 28, 2021

UMTMUN has gathered 7 awards at RYMUN'21, Mashood Ahmed got an award for Outstanding Diplomacy UNSC, Sana Shahzad won Outstanding Diplomacy UNHRC, Honorary Mention PNA award won by Aymah Mansoor, Mahnoor Tariq won the award for Special Mention UNW, Committee Director award UNSC won by Huzaifa Khan, Committee Director award UNW won by Rida Zainab while ACD award UNW won by Syed Iqbal.

Nov 28, 2021

PYIMUN, held at University of South Asia in which Sarah Sharif won the Best Delegate UNW award, Outstanding Diplomacy UNSC award won by Wasif Jalal, Ayesha Anwar won special Mention SOCHUM award, Honorary Mention SOCHUM award won by Ezeh Tabasum while Special Mention UNHCR won by Gul Naila. And they also won the Best Delegate Runner-up Award.

MEHSHAR E KHAYAL - 11th All Pakistan Literary Festival 2021
Nov 25, 2021

Asjad Ali from UMT Literary society grabbed 2nd position from Urdu Mazah category in the MEHSHAR E KHAYAL event organized by UET Lahore.



UET All-Pakistan Drama Festival '21
Nov 24, 2021

The Dramatics Team of UMT participated in the UET All-Pakistan Drama Festival held on 23rd and 24th of November, 2021 and managed to win the Best Actors in a Negative Role Award.       

Nov 20, 2021

Rohama Shahid from UMT Debating Club participated in SISA International Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championship. She earned 1st Position amongst all.


ARTS MANIA Competition by UOL
Oct 27, 2021

Arts Mania Competition organized by University of Lahore.

Memona Gaffar got 1st position in art calligraphy


All Pakistan Online Competition
Sep 06, 2021

Sara Anwar from UMT Fine Arts Club participated in Digital Art Category in All Pakistan Online Competition and secured 1st position.


Oct 22, 2021

Team UMTMUN participated in CIMUN THE SIXTH and gathered 7 awards, competition was held from 22nd - 25th October, 2021.Best Delegate PNA- Huzaifa Khan, Outstanding Diplomacy UNW- Syed Iqbal, Outstanding Diplomacy, SOCHUM- Aymah Mansoor, Honorary Mention UNSC- Wasif Jalal, Honorary Mention DISEC- Rohan Khan Babar, Special Mention SOCHUM- Sana Shahzad, ACD award UNW- Rida Zainab


Sketching Competition Organized by Khidmat-e-Ummah Foundation
Sep 02, 2021

UMT fine arts club participated in sketching competition organized by khidmat-e-Ummah foundation and with honor our participants secured.Muhammad Mohsin: 1st position in sketching competition.


Online Sketching Competition by PIEAS literary Society
Aug 22, 2021

UMT Fine Arts Club Participated in Online Sketching Competition organized by PIEAS Society held on 22-08-2021 in which participants secured following positions. Muhammad Mohsin: Got 3rd position in sketching competition, Sara Anwar: Got 2nd position in Logo Design Category. 


Dixeno 3.0
Oct 05, 2021

Arsal Zahid from UMT Photography Club participated in Dixeno 3.0 Competition, organized by Society of Product and Industrial Design (SPID) UET and earned 1st position.


Takhleeq II
Sep 30, 2021

UMT Literary Society participated in Takhleeq II organized by Superior University in which ULS grabbed 6 awards ,Fatima Raza obtained 3rd Position in Poetry (English), Zunaira Zahid got 3rd Position in Pique, Momina Arshad won 3rd position Letter (English),3 Awards Earned by Syed Iqbal Hussain 2nd Position in Comeme -2nd Position in Pic Quote Best Ambassador Award.

9th National Rover Moot
Aug 14, 2021

Humaira Anwar from UMT Scouts Club participated in Qirat competition in the 9th National Rover Moot and manages to secure 3rd position in this competition.


Sep 21, 2021

Husn-e-Adab organized by Literary and Debating Society - Fatima Raza got 2nd position in English poetry, Inaya Adeel got 2nd position in English essay, Momina Arshad got 2nd position in English essay ,3rd Position in English poetry


RACE E-Olympiad organized by Rawalpindi University
Aug 06, 2021

Muhammad Mohsin 2nd position in Sketching at RACE E Olympiad organized by Rawalpindi University.


FANOOS organized by Literary & Debating Society of UET
Jun 18, 2021

UMT Literary Society participated in literary competition FANOOS organized by Literary & Debating Society of UET held on 17-06-2021 and secured two positions. Momina Arshad: 1st position in "English Poem", Momina Arshad: 2nd position in "English Picture Description".


RABT-E-ASAL organized by AMDC Society of Arts and Literature
Jun 17, 2021

UMT Literary Society participated in an Online Competition RABT-E-ASAL organized by AMDC Society of Arts and Literature held on 17-06-2021 and qualified to the top 5 contestants in different categories amongst them Momina Arshad and Ezzah Khalid got the title of Winner.


International Youth Art Competition
Jun 17, 2021

Mr. Ali Hamza from UMT Fine Arts Club secured 2nd position in the International Youth Art Competition organized by OIC and Government of Bangladesh on 17-06-2021. Total 65 Countries participated and Pakistan won the 2nd position.


All-Pakistan Intercollegiate Literary Festival
Jun 15, 2021

Hadiqa Inam from UMT Literary Society and managed to Secure 1st position in the category, "100 Word Story" in All-Pakistan Intercollegiate Literary Festival organized by CMH Literary Society



Winter Times
Jun 08, 2021

UMT Literary Society participated in an online literary competition "Winter Times" on June 8,2021 and managed to get two prestigious awards back home.
Khadija Shakeel got the winner award in the category of "Poem"
Inaya Adeel got the winner award in the category of "100 Word Story"

Mehshar-e-Khayal organized by UET Literary Society
May 22, 2021

Mehshar-e-Khayal organized by UET Literary Society

UMT literary society participated in Mehshar-e-Khayal organized by UET Literary Society on 22-05-2021 and our beloved literary society president Miss Inaya Adeel managed to steal away the limelight by winning the “Best Haiku” award whereas Miss Momina Arshad got the award for best "Picture Captioning".


Bazm e Shahr ul Khair
May 17, 2021

UMT literary society participated in "Bazm e Shahr ul Khair" organized by PULC Literary Society on 30-04-2021 and got 4 positions. Meesan Javaid - 1st position in English Essay, Shulammite Paul - 3rd Position in English Category. Momina Arshad - 2nd position in English Poetry, Khadija Shakeel -1st position in English Poetry.


E-Olympiad 2.0 organized by Recreational Activities Club
Apr 30, 2021

Momina Arshad, secured 1st position in “Story Writing” at E-Olympiad 2.0 organized by Recreational Activities Club whereas Khadija Shakeel secured 1st position in “Article Writing” held on 30-04-2021.


Flair Gala 2021
Jun 02, 2021

UMT fine arts club participated in Flair Gala Competition 2021 and our sketching head Muhammad Mohsin Got 1st position in comic writing Miss Humaira Saeed Khan got 3rd Position in Photography and made UMT proud.


Apr 14, 2021

UMT Fine Arts Club participated in online competition RANGREZA ’21 organized by Faisalabad Medical University and Muhammad Mohsin got 1st position in Sketching.



All Punjab Talent Hunt Program 2021 organized by the Punjab Council of Arts
Mar 18, 2021

UMT literary society participated in All Punjab Talent Hunt Program 2021 arranged by the Punjab Council of Arts on 9 - 10 March, 2021 where Khawaja Shahab-ud-din Shahab secured 3rd Position in "Urdu Ghazal" and M. Mohsin got 4th position in painting.

Forman Lahore Debate Open 2021
Mar 29, 2021

UMT Debating Club participated in Forman Lahore Debate Open 2021 and more than 40 teams and 70 speakers participated from all over Asia. Tehreem Tariq secured position of 9th best speaker whereas Fareya Noor and Tehreem Tariq as a team won the title of 6th best English team.


25th GCU Parliamentary Debating Championship, 2021
Mar 13, 2021

Tehreem Tariq from UMT Debating society participated in 25th GCU Parliamentary Debating Championship secured 2nd Best English Speaker


Mural Wall Painting Competition
Mar 10, 2021

UMT Fine Arts Club participated in Mural Wall Painting Competition and Anwar ul Haq, Sana Fatima, Aeyat Mirza & Moyyodin got 3rd position.



Online Water Painting Competition 2021 by National Alliance
Mar 10, 2021

UMT fine arts club Participated in online water painting competition 2021 organized by National Alliance for Safe Food & Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Got 1st Position and
cash Prize of 20000 Rs. whereas Mehreen Ijaz Got 3rd Position and cash Prize of 5000 Rs.


Human and Humanity Contest organized by All Pakistan Students Union
Jan 21, 2021

UMT Literary Society participated in "Human and Humanity Contest" organized by All Pakistan Students Union and managed to bring back 6 awards homes. Ezzah Khalid - 1st position in English Poetry, Hadiqa Inam - 2nd position in English Poetry, Inaya Adeel - 3rd position in English Poetry, Muhammad Zeeshan Shoukat – 1st position in Urdu Poem, Zunaira Zahid - 3rd position in Urdu Poetry, Syed Iqbal Hussain - 1st position in Content Writing (English)

1st All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest
Dec 31, 2020

Fareya Noor rewarded with 3rd Position in English First All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest.


Bazm-e-Quaid '20
Dec 25, 2020

UMT Literary Society participated Bazm-e-Quaid 2020 which was held on December 25,2020 - Innaya Adeel secured 1st position in English Poetry, Asjad Ali secured 1st position in Urdu Poetry, Zunaira Ali secured 1st position in Urdu Debate, Aneezay Ashfaq stood Runner Up in Urdu Debate.


Dec 20, 2020

Dramatic club UMT won 3rd position in script writing. UMT Got Best Choreography, Raffey Siddique won Best Dancer Award in Dramatico which was held on December 18-20,2020.


Explore your Art
Dec 20, 2020

Seher Nadeem from UMT Literary Society recognized as WINNER in Quotation Writing Competition Explore your Art on December 16-20,2020.


The Art Legacy
Oct 27, 2020

The Art Legacy organized on 10-27-2020.Momina Arshad won 1st position in Short Story Competition and Inaya Adeel got 3rd position in English Poem Category.


Mother’s Day Competition’20
May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day Competition’20 was conducted on May 10,2020 and our student from UMT Literary Society Inaya Adeel secured 1st position.


A Plus Ramadhan Transmission
Apr 30, 2020

A Plus Ramadhan Transmission was organized on April Ramadan Mubarak 2020. Laiba Waheed from UMT Debating Society got 1st position.


Air E Nexus
Apr 19, 2020

Air E Nexus conducted on 19-4-2020 in which Momina Arshad from UMT Literary Society secured 1st position in English Poetical.


Mehshar-e-Khayal '20
Apr 11, 2020

Momina Arshad from UMT Literary Society won 2nd Position in Mehshar e Khayal '20 on 11 April,2020.


All Pakistan Literary Competition’ 20
Apr 10, 2020

Annual SMDC All Pakistan Literary Competition’ 20 organized on 10 April, 2020. Hadiqa Inam from UMT Literary Society secured 2nd position.


Feb 15, 2020

UMT Drama Club participated in FC Theatro’ 20 and secured Best Technical Award and also nominated for Best Script.


May 18, 2019

Muhammad Moshin from UMT Fine Arts Club won 1st position in Sketching competition.


Film Baaziyan 2019
May 03, 2019

Ahsan Minhas and Sameer Khan from UMT Film Making Club won the Best VLOG Award.


UCP Lit Fiesta '19
Apr 26, 2019

UCP Lit Fiesta 2019 organized on 22-26th Apr, 2019

Maha Adeel won the Best Urdu Poetry Award, Emerald won the Best English poetry award and the best visual writing award, Rabia Saleem UMT English Speaking Union won 1st position, Maha Adeel won 2nd position in Writer’s Spar.

Apr 26, 2019

Umeed-e-Sahar 2019 conducted on 24-25 Apr, 19 -Zarsha Sarfaraz Ahmed from UMT Calligraphy Society won 2nd position in Calligraphy competition.


UVAS Olympiad
Apr 19, 2019

Abdul Rehman from UMT Fine Arts Club won 2nd position in Live Art competition.


LUMS Adab Mela’19
Apr 07, 2019


Emerald Melissa Anthony from UMT Literary Society won 2nd position.


1st All Punjab Snow Hike for Girl Rovers
Jan 28, 2019


1st All Punjab Snow Hike for Girl Rovers was organized on 25-28th Jan-19 in which UMT Scouts Club won the Best Hiker Award.


UCL Performing Arts Festival
Dec 01, 2018

Comedy club won the Best Script Award held at UCL.


UCP Funkariyan ‘18
Nov 30, 2018

UMT Comedy Club won the Best Script Award in UCP Funkariyan.


Inter-Collegiate Cooking Competition
Nov 22, 2018

UMT secured first position in Cooking Competition held at Queen Mary College.


LUMS Drama Festival
Nov 18, 2018

Drama Club won Best Costumes and Props Award at LUMS.


4th all Pakistan DUHS-DICE Health Innovation Exhibition
Oct 13, 2018

4th all Pakistan DUHS-DICE Health Innovation Exhibition.Students won a special prize of Rs. 10,000/- held at DOW University, Karachi.


The Educationist
May 27, 2018

The Educationist - All Pakistan co- curricular competitions was organized on April 23-27,2018 - Ms Farwa Munir won 3rd position in English Essay Writing Competition.    


Dramartival 2k18
May 03, 2018

Drama Club UMT Won Best Costume Award in Dramartival 2018 on May 1-3,2018 at University of Lahore.

Marvel vs. DC
Apr 28, 2018

Marvel vs. DC by Art Junction Society of Forman Christian College was held on April 27-28,2018 - UMT won 1st position in sketching competition at FC College.


Geek Week ’18
Mar 19, 2018

It was held on March 19,2018 - UMT won First Position in Ethical Hacking Competition held at FAST University.